Attack of the Puppy Clones!

Puppy Clone Wars
Puppy Clone Wars

Nope, this isn’t Star Wars and we’re not talking about real puppy clones.  These are just plush puppy clones, but they sure do look like the real thing.  Don’t they?

Will the real Adelle please tilt your head?

The puppy on the left was Adelle’s little play buddy from her first days with us.  We rubbed plush Mini-Adelle all over her litter mates so that Real Adelle would have the scent of her litter mates in her kennel when we worked on her crate training.

We ended up getting plush Maxi-Adelle when we saw her on sale at IKEA.

Luckily Adelle is not as heavy a chewer as Dublin.  Some of Adelle’s plush toys have long since been destroyed, but plush Adelles are still in pretty good shape and living at the house.

How long do your plush dog toys usually survive?


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      That’s pretty good! All of my dogs are destructive to some degree, but Adelle has been the least destructive out of all my puppies in training. While she destroys some toys others like the plush Adelles have survived.

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    Our stuffies last a long time with the littles… years actually. But Daisy our Boston Terrier has GoDog Stuffies and she keeps them outside. They may last a year, but it’s hard to say… they are looking a little sad at 6 months… so i’m hoping they’ll last until Christmas :)

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      That’s great the stuffies last years! Our ultra durable Nylabone toys usually last the longest, but we’ve heard that our guide dog graduate, Dublin has been destroying some of his most durable toys.

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    Until Katy came along Bailey had most of his stuffies from his puppy days. Katy is a bit rougher and some of those early ones have had to got to the toy heaven. However, compared to what friends tell me, ours have extended life spans.

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      When Dublin was at our house we had to take away all of the plush toys after he swallowed a large piece of one of them. Sounds like Katy and Bailey do pretty well with theres.

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    I can’t tell which one is real…all are so cute! Plush toys last me for a good while, I’m not really a toy destroyer. My best friend Honey, on the other hand…

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    We got a plush toy at BlogPaws in May that was bisected just last night… it lasted quite a while! That head tilt shot is absolutely classic.

  5. Clare says

    It all depends on how Jazlyn is feeling that day! With her sharp puppy teeth she rips most plush toys right open if we aren’t careful, but she has yet to figure out how much fun stuffing is to play with.

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      I hope you and Jazlyn are doing well! Most of our puppies in training have been pretty destructive with their plush toys. I’ve noticed that usually when my puppy becomes real quiet she is de-stuffing one of her toys.

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