Puppy In Training Traffic Report – January 2015

“How do you know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been?” Sorry that’s probably not verbatim and I really have no idea who said it, but it does sum up the reason for todays post. Every month I’m going to look back at what we did so I can think about what we […]

Pet Blogger Challenge 2015

Welcome 2015! Many thanks to Amy at GoPetFriendlyBlog.com for once again hosting the Pet Blogger Challenge. It was a bit rough blogging in 2014 especially the last few month. However, I actually got a lot done in 2014 with the exception of blogging. A few highlights last year: I sold the condo I lived in […]

A Note To Pet Product Advertisers…Build Relationships!

I know a few of you out there are pet bloggers and I’m sure you’ve run into the same frustrating moments as me when it comes to pet product advertisers. Today we’re veering away form the normal puppy training tips and instead we’re going to give a little lesson on what we think advertisers should […]

Attack of the Puppy Clones!

Nope, this isn’t Star Wars and we’re not talking about real puppy clones. These are just plush puppy clones, but they sure do look like the real thing. Don’t they? Will the real Adelle please tilt your head? The puppy on the left was Adelle’s little play buddy from her first days with us. We […]