Another Puppy Vs Kitty Video

YAY!  It’s Friday!  Time for fun and laughter…maybe happy hour after work?   Anyhow, I recently came across another Puppy Vs Kitty video in my Google Reader news feed.  This one is the Ninja Cat vs French Bulldog puppy.  One of my friends just recently brought home a French Bulldog puppy and he is absolutely […]

Little Pink Pup

I recently received an email from Johanna Kerby the author of The Pink Puppy and owner of Pink the Pig and Tink the Dachshund mom.  Johanna has recently put together her own website with all the latest updates about herself, her family, Tink, Pink, and all the other animals on her farm.  Check out her […]

Tink the Dachshund and Pink the Piglet Now on Video

Do you guys remember Tink the mommy Dachshund and Pink the piglet from last year. They became so famous there was a children’s book written about them. If you haven’t seen it yet then check out The Pink Puppy. Video footage of Pink and Tink Some new video footage of Pink and Tink was just […]

Dachshund Mother Takes Care of Baby Goat

Do you remember last years story about the Dachshund Acts As Mom To Baby Piglet? We ran that article almost this same time last year. If you’ve been following along then you know that Tink the Dachshund mom was not feeling to well last time we spoke to Momma Johanna. Here’s the last update we […]