The 4 Cutest Dog Halloween Costumes Ever!

If you saw our blog post the other day on the 8 best dog Halloween costumes then you probably already know…we’re doing a little scouting to see what kind of doggy costume we can put together for Stetson and Linus this Halloween. There were so many awesome dog costumes on the internet we broke this […]

German Shepherd Puppy Poop

It’s been a while since I posted a funny picture here at the Puppy In Training Blog. Today, while looking through Flickr for a Creative Commons-licensed content for commercial use, adaptation, modification or building upon. In particular I was searching for images of German Shepherds. While flicking through the images I came across this one […]

Doberman + Laser Pointer Reminds Me Of Older Sibling Torture

I was surfing through Facebook last night and came across this great little video of a Doberman Pinscher, Laser Pointer, and I’m not certain, but I’m going to say someone’s younger brother.  As I mentioned in the title this little video reminds me of me, my older brother, and the torture he put me through […]

Sleep Running Dog

You’ve probably seen your dog dreaming in his sleep.  I sometimes here Linus whimpering or get the occassional kick in the face from Stetson when he tries to run in his sleep.  However, have you ever seen an actual Sleep Running Dog?  One that stands up and actually starts running in his sleep.  Whether you […]