How To Find A Puppy

After thinking long and hard you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and get a puppy, but now you’re wondering how to find a puppy that is perfect for you.  I started the very same journey over 7 years ago an during that time I have had the opportunity to bring home many different puppies […]

Do You Have Dog or Puppy Training Problems?

Do you have dog or puppy training problems? We’ve been writing to the Puppy In Training website for almost 4 years now and we often receive emails and comments asking us how to solve dog and puppy behavior problems. However, we have never really formally came out and asked “you” for your advice on what […]

Guide Dog Puppy Training With Dublin

We brought Dublin home when he was seven weeks old and that same day we started his guide dog puppy training.  He’s already taken a puppy kindergarten class and a basic dog obedience training class.  We will continue to enroll Dublin in dog obedience training classes until it’s time to turn him in fo formal […]

Puppy In Training Has A Fanpage On Facebook!

You heard it right!  We, have a fanpage on Facebook.  You can visit us at Hopefully the majority of you are already following us through our Puppy In Training Newsletter, RSS Feed, or just visit the blog once in a while. Our Facebook Fanpage gives you yet another way to follow our adventures.  […]

Puppy Training

When we first started writing to the Puppy In Training website our main focus was to chronicle the journey of my guide dog puppy, Stetson and share all of our experiences in puppy training and raising a guide dog. A couple months after Stetson started his formal guide dog training we were asked to raise […]