Attack of the Puppy Clones!

Nope, this isn’t Star Wars and we’re not talking about real puppy clones.  These are just plush puppy clones, but they sure do look like the real thing.  Don’t they? Will the real Adelle please tilt your head? The puppy on the left was Adelle’s little play buddy from her first days with us.  We […]

This Puppy Is…Part Boxer?

Dublin was quite the helper when he would come into the office with me, but part boxer? I don’t think so…Dublin was/is a purebred yellow Labrador Retriever bred at Guide Dogs of America. Today Dublin is a working guide dog and we chronicled his entire journey in our Puppy In Training TV series. If you […]

Are Golden Retriever Puppies The Cutest?

Maybe I’m biased, but I think Golden Retriever puppies are the cutest darn things ever!  Or maybe it’s just shiny new object syndrome because I’m pretty sure all puppies are cute.  Anyhow, you guys have to check out this picture of our latest shiny new object: Clover! A soon to be new puppy owner found […]

Working Breed…Siberian Husky Puppy!

It’s ruff being a puppy!  Especially if you’re a working breed like this adorable Siberian Husky puppy!  Yep after a long day of work we all want to put our heads down on the keyboard and take a little 5 minute dog nap. This little girl really makes me want to start raising another puppy.  […]