Guess Who’s Going To Service Dog College?

Today Adelle began the next step in her journey to becoming a service dog.  We like to call it going to Service Dog College.  However, Adelle was selected for a special program before she actually starts Service Dog College.  So I guess she’s actually going to Service Dog Junior College first Every New Beginning Comes […]

Socializing A Puppy In Large Crowds

Last weekend we took a little outing to a small German restaurant in downtown LA for our friend Rachael’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Rachael!  While this may not sound like a big deal to you and I it can be quite the adventure for a puppy in training. Lets sit back and think about this for […]

So Where Do We Go Now?

This blog has never been laser focused, but then again are most blogs?    After all in the beginning a weblog or blog was basically just an online journal, right!?  I remember first hearing about blogs in the early 2000’s and not thinking for one second that a blog would be anything more than an […]

Puppy In Training TV – Ep21 – Working Guide Dog

WOWZERS!!! Can you believe it’s been well over a year since Dublin graduated from Guide Dog College!? Last we saw Dublin just started his career as a working Guide Dog. If you missed Dublin’s graduation episode head on over to this page and you can see him graduating from Guide Dogs of America(GDA). Today, he’s […]

Guide Dog Puppy Raiser Vs. Service Dog Puppy Raiser

No, this is not a competition, but it is something that has been weighing on my mind…should I continue being a Guide Dog Puppy Raiser or should I move to a different organization/school and volunteer as a Service Dog Puppy Raiser? Over the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to talk to many of […]