Have You Ever Seen Puppies In The Womb?

I just received a preview of one of National Geographic Channel’s great new programs called In The Womb: Dogs which will premiere tomorrow (January 4th, 2009) on the NatGeo channel at 8pm ET/PT.

Have you ever wondered what puppies look like in the womb? Or what differences there are between breeds or even a Wolf. If so, you have to check out In The Womb: Dogs a great new program premiering tomorrow on NatGeo. In The Womb: Dogs chronicles the embryonic journey of wolves and three different dog breeds – The giant Mastiff, the agile medium sized Golden Retriever, and the smallest of dog breed the Chihuahua.

Here’s a little preview of In The Womb: Dogs

If you can’t see the video check out this link: In The Womb: Dogs

In The Womb: Dogs

There’s a ton of great information packed into this 1 hour program. A few things I found interesting:

  • One point that I thought was very interesting was the fact that if a wolf or dog is stressed during pregnancy then they can reabsorb fetuses into the uterine wall. This can be seen in both wolves and dogs and is a survival technique during times of scarcity in the wild. I had recently heard about this from a friend who’s dog is currently pregnant. This phenomenon will only occur up to day 35.
  • Only the alpha female in a pack of wolves becomes pregnant. The other females have false pregnancies allowing the other females to nurse the young if something were to happen to the alpha female.
  • Both dogs and wolves see everything in a bluish yellow shade. I always thought it was black and white.
  • Floppy ears in dogs is a sign of submission humans have bred into dogs, but erect ears still remains in certain breeds of dog.
  • Wolves have larger brains then dogs – Wolves need larger brains for coordinated pack hunting.

These are only a few facts from this great program. If you have a chance tune in to the National Geographic tomorrow at 8pm and check out In The Womb: Dogs.

Did you see In The Womb: Dogs? What did you think?


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    I’m bummed that I missed this! Wish I had read your blog sooner…

    Although I did end up watching a documentary on the Science channel about the future of robots. Still educational, but not nearly as cute as watching a bunch of dogs and wolves.

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    @Colleen, I’m sorry you missed it. I tried to get the article on the site sooner, but I got real busy with the holidays. In the Womb: Dogs is airing again on the following dates/times along with In the Womb: Cats:

    Friday, January 9 at 9-11pm ET/PT
    Saturday, January 10 at midnight-2am ET/PT
    Sunday, January 11 at 1-3pm ET/PT
    Friday, January 16 at 5-7pm ET/PT

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    Hello fellow dog lovers ! I was in the documentary 😉 I was featured around Los Angeles, with my 2 tiny black and tan Chihuahuas, the blonde in pink, driving the white car etc. So much fun ! and great documentary.
    I also have a Chi Club here in LA if anyone has a tiny pup who is social and loves to play !
    Paris and Tinks – Chi girls

  4. says

    Hello Colby, thanks for the question – We LOVED it – as my 2 Chihuahuas are hams, and the entire day they got attention, fawned over, and made a huge fuss off. We even had tourists taking photos and filming, while we were being filmed. Quite a hoopla.

    The documentary is amazing, especially for dog lovers. I learned alot ! and the scientifically accurate models and computer animation is so life like, you really think the camera is in the womb.
    National Geographic – In The Womb – Dogs its showing currently, and will be out on DVD soon. Every scene you see pink, its us !
    Pooches Gracias
    If your dog loves to play with other dogs, check out http://www.Meetup.com for a group that is specific to your dog in your area and join – its usually free and great way to meet friends of the 2 and 4 legged.
    My group is for under 10lb tiny dogs only – we are too fragile to hang with the big guys.

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