Puppy Or Guinea Pig?

Yep, I’m receiving adorable puppy pictures through my RSS feed on a daily basis and sometimes I find images I enjoy so much I just have to share with my readers. While browsing my feed I scrolled past this picture and at first glance thought why is there a guinea pig on a puppy website?

Take a look at the picture:

Puppy Or Guinea Pig?

What do you think? Is this a puppy or a guinea pig? Well of course since this is a site about puppies this is a puppy and a cute little Chow Chow at that. Here’s the details on the Flickr stream:

4th Puppy Born – Boy, originally uploaded by Xianyang Chow Chows – there’s more adorable Chow Chow Pictures here if if you want to check them out.

I had a guinea pig when I was in the first grade (I named him Harry) and for some reason this little Chow Chow reminded me of Harry. So, in my pursuit for knowledge I decided to compare this little puppy to an image of a Guinea pig just to see if this puppy really does look like a guinea pig. Check out this image:

Sorry this was one of the best images I could find of a black guinea pig. This one is also from Flickr: Guinea Pig, originally uploaded by stkali2.

I’m not so sure now, but there’s definitely some resemblance (besides them both being black).

What do you think? Does this little Chow Chow look like a Guinea Pig?


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