Rescue Puppies…Make Great Head Warmers

Puppy Head Warmer
Puppy Head Warmer

We’ll make great Pets, we’ll make great Pets, we’ll make great Pets, we’ll make great Pets…

I don’t know why, but when I read and write sometimes random quotes come to mind.  Can you guess where the above quote is from???

If you guessed Porno for Pyros then you’re absolutely correct!  Back in the early 1990’s lead singer Perry Ferrell went from the break-up of the band Jane’s Addiction and moved on to a new band: Porno for Pyros.  One of their hit songs was called “Pets”.   For some reason I always remember the part: “Maybe the martians could do better than we’ve done” and of course the fact that “We’ll make great Pets”.  Although I think we’d probably make horrible Pets.

Anyhow, if you’re thinking about adopting a puppy please consider adopting…Rescue Puppies, they make great Pets!

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    Hey Colby, Great lines….. In fact we can make both, great pets as well as horrible pets. It all depends on how my train them. I keep educating people about the good things that pets bring to our life.

    • says

      Linus is a rescue pup and he makes a great pet. My mom is the cat lady of the family and I think she would agree with you too about the kittens.

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