Another Puppy Vs Kitty Video

YAY!  It’s Friday!  Time for fun and laughter…maybe happy hour after work?   Anyhow, I recently came across another Puppy Vs Kitty video in my Google Reader news feed.  This one is the Ninja Cat vs French Bulldog puppy.  One of my friends just recently brought home a French Bulldog puppy and he is absolutely […]

Pet Evacuation Safety Tips

In light of the recent fires in Southern California it has come to my attention that I should have an emergency evacuation plan for my dogs. One of our readers sent us a link to an LA Times article that lists a few safety precautions to help prepare us and our pets for a disaster […]

Cat Loves His Roomba

Back to back days with articles about cats. What is this a blog about cats? Not to worry…we’re still a blog about dogs and puppies. However, when I come across hilarious, adorable, or interesting stories I like posting it here on my blog. Until I start a “Kitty In Training” blog or “Pet In Training” […]