Riverside Humane Society Raises Over 46K

Wow!  $46,000 raised at the Riverside (CA) Humane Society Pet Adoption Center’s 12th Annual Comedy Night.  That’s pretty cool and very encouraging to see that there are so many generous people in our community. The main reason this article caught my attention is because the Riverside Animal Shelter is where we picked up the seven […]

Dog Adoption Labrador Retriever Pointer Mix

Here at Puppy In Training were back advocates of dog adoption.  It’s been a while since I talked about the Cuddly Canines Rescue and as many of you already know I used to volunteer as a foster parent for Cuddly Canines.  I’m sure I’ll volunteer again in the future when I have more free time […]

Fun And Excitement At OC Market Place Pet Days

Did you guys visit Pet Days at the OC Market Place this past weekend? I hope some of you were in attendance. I know my mom, dad, and sister made it out there. I even heard my mother purchased a new cat tower that almost reaches her ceiling. I also made it to the event, […]