Tough Times For Cat And Dog Adoptions

I always have my eye out for dog and cat articles in newspaper, magazines, or on the internet. Unfortunately, I’ve seen a reoccurring theme lately and that is that Animal Shelters across the country are in the middle of a crisis. Animal shelters have record numbers of cats and dogs and they are having difficult […]

Fun And Excitement At OC Market Place Pet Days

Did you guys visit Pet Days at the OC Market Place this past weekend? I hope some of you were in attendance. I know my mom, dad, and sister made it out there. I even heard my mother purchased a new cat tower that almost reaches her ceiling. I also made it to the event, […]

How To Adopt A Puppy

Our story on how to adopt a puppy began over 7 years ago when we visited a few backyard breeders for my 32nd birthday.  Of course, we did not end up with a purebred puppy, but instead found the perfect Australian Shepherd mixed puppy and adopted him almost immediately at our local animal shelter. ———–> I’ve always […]