Wordless Wednesday – Merry Christmas!

I know…I’m a day late, but I still wanted to get a Merry Christmas out on my blog.  I did get this up on Facebook yesterday and after all you are following me on Facebook…Right!? Linus and Stetson have their very own custom Christmas stockings.  My sister had these made a couple years ago and you […]

Visiting Knoxville And The PetSafe Paw Print Blogger Summit

It was a whirlwind of a weekend and I needed a few days to recover, but today I’m finally back at ye olde keyboard prepping another blog post.  Where was I you might be thinking??? Well, a few weeks back I was contacted by PetSafe to take part in their Paw Print Blogger Summit.  What […]

6 Types Of Dog Toys You Should Get Your Puppy

If you read yesterday’s blog article then you already know about the 2 dog toys we absolutely do not let our guide dog puppies play with at any time while involved in the guide dog program.  Just in case you missed that article then take a peek at what dog toys are not allowed for […]

What Dog Toys Are Not Allowed For Guide Dog Puppies?

Before I opened up my Guide Dogs of America puppy manual I didn’t even know that guide dog puppies were not allowed to play with certain dog toys.  It’s been more than 5 years since I first opened my puppy manual, but the dog toys on the “do not allow” list have been forever engrained […]