The Importance Of Puppy Training

I read a short article today about Five Commands Every Dog Should Know and found the article on Google Alerts.  Google Alerts is a great way to find the latest news on puppy training.  Just go to  Fill out the form by adding the following: Search Terms Type How Often Email Length Deliver to […]

Puppy In Training Blog Carnival #10

Welcome back to a nother edition of the Puppy In Training blog carnival!  It’s been a while and we’ve been waiting for a few more blog carnival entries before posting this edition.  This month we have everything from dog training tips to Hypoallergenic dogs to doggy diets. Hypoallergenic Dogs Lately I’ve been hearing a lot […]

Crate Training Puppies – 14 Useful Tips

In theory crate training puppies sounds simple.  A quick note: I often use the term crate and kennel interchangeably throughout this article. Crate Training Theory: Your puppy does not want to poop or pee in the place he sleeps…put him in his crate (make sure it’s not too big or he’ll pee/poop on one side […]

Guide Dogs of America Puppy Evaluation

Puppy Evaluation is an important part of the guide dog puppy raising process. Puppies in training are kenneled at Guide Dogs of America‘s Sylmar campus for a couple days and are evaluated by the GDA Staff. This is an important part of puppy raising because the puppy raiser’s receive a report that shows how their […]