Top 10 Dog Toys

Once Thanksgiving is past and Christmas is upon us I start thinking about what dog toys I should get for my 3 dogs.  The search basically starts on the internet by typing A-M-A-Z-O-N-.-C-O-M into my browser.  Any time I think about purchasing anything my first thought is to visit usually ends with Amazon too).

How To Find Popular Dog Toys

How do I find the most popular dog toys on Amazon?  It’s simple.  Here’s my step by step process:

  1. Type into your web browser of choice.  We prefer either Firefox or Google Chrome, but any browser will do.
  2. In the left navigation bar hover over “Home, Garden, & Tools”.  In the sub-navigation scroll down to Pet Supplies and click on the HyperlinkAmazon Pet Suplies
  3. In the horizontal navigation just below the search box click on the “Dog” hyperlink.  This will take you directly to the Most Popular Dog Products page.Amazon Dog Supplies
  4. Now just manually filter out the toys from the regular, boring, old products.  Here’s the link that will take you directly to Amazon’s Most Popular Dog Products Page.

Just in case you don’t feel like going through my wonderful 4 step process here are the Top 10 Dog Toys on

Top 10 Dog Toys

We like going Letterman Top 10 list style and go in descending order (countdown) from 10 to Number 1.  Here’s our top dog toy list:

#10 Dog ToyMr. Bill Dog Toy – Okay, okay a bit of a weak start to our top 10 dog toys list, but if you’re a Gen Xer like me then you might recall the days of Mr. Bill.  I envision this little guy getting shredded by the likes of Apache (my Golden Retriever) Linus (my Aussie Mix) and Stetson (my Black Lab).  Anyhow we ordered one and we’ll let you know how he performs under stress (of 3 big dogs).  The 20th most popular dog product on Amazon the price is right at $6 you’re receiving a 62% discount from Amazon!

#9 Dog ToyKyjen Plush Puppies Dog Squeaker Mat Toy – Kyjen seems like they’ve made some pretty popular dog toys coming into this holiday season starting off with this squeaker mat toy.  It might drive me nuts when the doggies get a hold of this one, but we’re going to order one from Amazon anyways and let you know what we think.  This one snuck in ahead of Mr. Bill by just a hair as the 19th most popular dog product and #9 dog toy!

#8 Dog ToyNylabone Dura Chew Wishbone Chew Toy – We’ve had one of these bad boys in the past which was chewed up, but not destroyed by Puppy In Training #2, Derby (yellow Labrador Retriever).  It got pretty jagged and every time Derby dropped it on my bare foot it left a scratch mark.  Rated for powerful chewers we eventually had to trash our Dura Chew Wishbone, but today we’re going to purchase another and let you know what Linus (aussie mix), Stetson (black Lab), and Apache (golden retriever) think of the Dura Chew.  This one is the 16th most popular dog product.

#7 Dog ToyEthical Pet Skinneeez Exotic Series Dog Toy – I was wondering what the fuss was about these line of toys which come in the beaver, chicken, or flamingo styles.  Here’s what Amazon had to say: “Our realistic Skinneeez toys will bring out a dog’s natural hunting instinct while dogs chase and flip-flop these toys all over the place. All Skinneeez are stuffing free and last longer than regular plush dog toys because there is no stuffing for dogs to rip out!”  Isn’t that half the fun for your dog?  I guess it’s not so fun when your dog…uhhmm…Stetson…tears up and eats the stuffing.  We ordered one and we’ll let you know if we like it better or worse then your regular plush stuffed toy.  Skinneeez is the 14th most popular dog product.

#6 Dog ToyKyjen Puzzle Plush Egg Babies Dog Toy, 5 Eggs – The second Kyjen toy to hit our list.  This one comes from Kyjen’s popular puzzle line of toys.  In fact we’ve loved these dog toys for years.  However, this will be our first Egg Babies Dog Toy.  We’ve noticed that our pups love to extract squeakers from regular plush toys.  These toys are great because our pups can still extract squeakers (the eggs) without destroying the toy.  This guy is the 13th most popular dog product.

#5 Dog ToyKONG Extreme Dog Toy – We’ve had a few destructive dogs come through the house, but I think Apache (my Golden Retriever pup) may be able to take down the red Kong plus he such a big boy I think we need a bigger more extreme Kong.  Enter the KONG Extreme Dog Toy.  This is on the top of Apache’s wishlist so I ordered one from Amazon and I’ll let you know if it truly is EXTREME!  At number 11 amongst all dog products.

#4 Dog ToyKyjen Plush Puppies Squeaker Mat Long Body Dog Toy – We’ve been wanting to try one of these large Kyjen Squeaker dog toys.  Last year we bought the Kyjen Invincibles Snake Dog Toy and we’ve heard that these types of dog toys are supposed to be better for destructive dogs.  We plan on getting a couple and putting them to the test.   The #9 Dog product on Amazon!

#3 Dog ToySmarter Toys IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy  – we had the small version of this toy for our cat and she absolutely loved it.  I also recall Linus playing with it as well when he was just a pup.  However, we want to try the larger 5″ version with Stetson and hopefully can put a short review up for you guys in the near future.  Stay tuned…for a review of the #7 most popular dog product on Amazon.

#2 Dog ToyNylabone Durable Dental Dinosaur Chew Toy – we haven’t tried the dental dinosaur, but in the past we have enjoyed many other Nylabone dog products.  Nylabone rates the durability of their toys and this one is recommended for powerful chewers.  I think I might get one and test it with my boys who are definitely powerful chewers! This is the #3 most popular dog product on Amazon!

#1 Dog Toy – Drum Roll Please……… Kyjen Hide-A-Squirrel – one of our favorite toys.  It can be a bit puzzling for dogs at first, but your dog will enjoy extracting these squeaky squirrels form their stumpy home.  And the #1 most popular dog toy on Amazon is the #2 most popular dog product

After all that what actually is the most popular dog product on Amazon?  It’s a Children’s Gate Play Yard!?

And that’s it!  With Christmas right around the corner make sure you check out some or all of these great dog toys.  As I’ve mentioned some I’ve already tried and tested while others I’m considering bringing into the household.  If your dogs have already had the pleasure of playing with any of these dog toys then let us know what your pup thought in the comments section below.

We receive a small commission from Amazon that helps support our blog if you purchase an item from one of the affiliate links in this post.  Thank you for your support!