3 Tips To Help Perfect Your Puppy’s Down-Stay

Yep, it takes time to teach your puppy a good down-stay.  Your puppy is not born knowing how to perform a “down” or a “stay” let alone both at the same time. Sorry, we’re not going to teach you how to train your puppy to down-stay today.  Instead here are some more advanced tips on […]

Dog’s Perform The Ultimate Down-Stay!

Our service dog puppies are not ordinary…they are extraordinary!  They learn some amazing things and go on to help others as working dogs.  Dublin has become the eyes for his partner and helps guide her around town her out of harms way.  Apache helps his partner, a wounded warrior with PTSD live a more independent life. […]

Puppy Thoughts…If Only We Could Read Our Pup’s Mind!

UPDATE: I just noticed…do you know what’s wrong with the command given below? UPDATE: I’m not sure why I didn’t catch this before I published, but there are two commands we are taught never to use with our puppy’s name: “No” “Stay” Why you ask?  Check out this blog post we wrote: Commands Not To […]