Another Kitty vs Puppy Image

Here we go again with Kitty vs Puppy. Little puppy has the kitty on the ropes. However, that’s no ordinary house kitty. Take a closer look. Kitty vs. Puppy – The Battle Rages On… cheetah2, originally uploaded by shaze2 Take a look at the markings on this little kitty…yep, you guessed it that’s actually a […]

Kitty Vs. Guinea Pig

I mostly try to stay on topic (dog’s and puppies, that is), but when I come across some of these pictures I just have to share. Yep, this one doesn’t have anything to do with dogs or puppies, but while I was looking for an image of a Guinea Pig for my post Puppy or […]

Fun Dog Pictures By You The Reader

Here’s a collection of fun dog pictures I’ve received during the past few months. Over time I’ve collected several images sent to me from the readers of this blog. I’d like to thank everyone who has sent me a picture without you this post would never have been made. I’d like to encourage you to […]