What Things Should I Consider Before Getting A Dog?

It’s been years since I adopted my first dog and thought about the question: What Things Should I Consider Before Getting A Dog? Adopting a dog is a huge decision and something you should not take lightly. My girlfriend took me shopping several years ago…not for any old gift, but she planned on getting me […]

Riverside Humane Society Raises Over 46K

Wow!  $46,000 raised at the Riverside (CA) Humane Society Pet Adoption Center’s 12th Annual Comedy Night.  That’s pretty cool and very encouraging to see that there are so many generous people in our community. The main reason this article caught my attention is because the Riverside Animal Shelter is where we picked up the seven […]

First “Pet Days” At The Orange County Market Place

Guess what’s just around the corner? No, not Halloween (although it is, so go get your dog costumes ready)…it’s the First “Pet Days” at the Orange County Market Place. This sounds like a great event…it sounds like it’s a mini-Pet Expo with specialty rescue and adoption groups, information on pet wellness, spaying and neutering and […]