Today Is National Puppy Day!

As usual I was browsing through Google Reader and learned that today, March 23rd is National Puppy Day!

Here I am writing to a site about puppy training and little did I know that there was an entire day dedicated to my cause.

Here’s what National Puppy Day is all about:

Right now there are thousands of puppies in shelters and rescues all over the country that are in need of a forever home. National Puppy Day supports the ban of Puppy Mills!! Please don’t buy from pet stores! These puppies come from cruel and horrid conditions!! If you’re looking for a pure breed puppy, there are pure breed rescues all over the country filled with available young dogs for adoption.

We’re definitely in support of the National Puppy Day cause and wanted to let our readers know about it too.  If you’re interested in finding a puppy please don’t go to the pet store.  Instead try your local animal shelter or rescue and if you’re looking for a specific breed I’ve heard that more than 25% of the dogs that end up in shelters are pure bred.  Also, as the National Puppy day website mentions there are many breed specific rescues available.  If you’re looking for a breed specific rescue try visiting the website.  They list over 13,000 animal shelters and rescues.

We’ve done our best to help animal shelters and rescues by volunteering our time with local rescues as fosters.  As fosters we’ve rescued, raised, and adopted out several litters of puppies from the Riverside animal shelter.  It’s time consuming, but a very rewarding experience.

If you don’t feel ready to take on the responsibility of adopting a puppy or dog from a shelter or rescue you might first try fostering.

Have you heard of National Puppy Day?  Did you rescue your dog from an animal shelter?

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