We Won The BlogPaws/PetSmart Build A Business Blog Contest!


We’re so excited that we (the Puppy In Training Blog) won the BlogPaws/PetSmart Build A Business Blog Contest.

  1. We submitted our blog to the contest back at the beginning of March.
  2. We put together a blog post (check it out because their were 10 excellent finalists) announcing that we were a finalist for the PetSmart Blog to Biz Contest.
  3. Next we put together a video to try and bring together our vision of building a biz blog to life.
  4. And today we heard that PuppyInTraining.com was a grand prize winner!

Did we mention there were 2 winners?  The other Blog to Biz winner was Snoopy’s Blog.  If you haven’t already you should check out Snoopy’s excellent blog.  He and his mum, Annette already have a vibrant community there and we’re sure they will do a great job working with PetSmart towards building a business blog.

Blog Paws 2012 Here We Come!

Blog Paws Conference
Blog Paws Conference

We’re very excited for the coming months.  Not only do we get a chance to work with PetSmart to build PuppyInTraining.com into a business blog, but we’re also very excited that we get to participate in the Blog To Business Case Study at BlogPaws 2012!  We’re not going to be sleeping for a couple days from all of this excitement!

Thanks to BlogPaws and PetSmart for sponsoring this competition.  This is such a wonderful opportunity not only for us, but as Yvonne said in her blog post: “This contest has far reaching potential, not just for our winners, but for everyone who participated, and for all the BlogPaws 2012 attendees.”

Congratulations to everyone and I can’t wait to start working with PetSmart and I’m also very excited to meet everyone at BlogPaws 2012!


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    A huge congratz from GLOGIRLY – Tails Of A Cat And Her Girl! We can’t wait to meet you at BlogPaws and hear about everything you’ve learned.
    xo Katie & Her Girl

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