Wordless Wednesday – Puppy Adoption

We saw these two puppies at the Irvine Home For The Holidays Pet Adoption Fair. If you’re thinking about getting another pet please consider adoption.  A great place to start is PetFinder.com that’s where we found our rescue pup Linus almost 8 years ago!

Puppy Adoption
These 2 pups were at the Home For The Holidays Pet Adoption


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      Thanks Snoopy! Glad to see you at the blog. I’m hoping to get back to the blog hops and visit my favorite blogs when the new year rolls around. Congrats on your new book!

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    Love the idea of reduced adoption fees, but still, some of those dogs do get bounced back after the Christmas fun has worn off. Here’s to hoping only responsible people adopt!

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    You know I’m all for adopting, I just wish people understood the committment to an animal along with the work and expensive that accompanies it. :-(

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      I know what you mean. A lot is involved when getting a dog. I actually learned this in college when my roommate brought a puppy home from the shelter and for some reason I was the one who took care of the little guy.

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      That’s actually not Linus. Those were a couple of pups we saw at a local pet adoption. The puppy facing away was actually a black and tan if you could see his face.

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    Too cute! I can’t believe people go to dog breeders when something as adorable as those two puppies could be had for free (or close to it)!

    Great job you’re doing with your blog… It’s truly a great service to the animals and owners you help to connect!

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      Thanks Michelle! We do understand that some people may want to go to breeders and we support responsible breeders, but we hope that most people will choose adopting their next pet from the shelter or rescue.

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