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    Emma loves all her Busy Buddy toys, of course!! :) She really loves any stuffed toy, too – that is, the 30 minutes she spends with them before she destroys them.

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      My pups are usually pretty destructive with their doggy toys too. I just make sure and keep a close eye on them when their playing with stuffed toys otherwise they sometimes end up swallowing all the stuffing. I’ll have to try the Busy Buddy toys when I get a new puppy.

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      Dublin used to love his Jolly Ball even after Stetson chewed off the handle. Stetson and Linus don’t discriminate…they love all toys!

  2. Allison says

    When she was a puppy…my parents’ dog liked to chew up all my computer and phone cords. I have teethmarks on those that are still in tact. :)

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    How cute. I have a picture of my friend’s Doxie in our toy box too…but he is sleeping. Ha, ha. I don’t think Chester and Gretel have a favorite toy but Gretel is obsessed with Kongs with goodies in them and Chester LOVES everything that squeaks until he tears it apart (which is usually in seconds).

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      Most of the Lab puppies we raise are mouthy and destructive. I’ve learned that the stuffed toys don’t cut it and the KONG toys are usually great. I actually forgot what a big time chewer Dublin was and bought him and his partner a supposedly durable Nylabone Rhinobone. She said he destroyed it in about 5 minutes.

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      Your pups must be related to Linus! He ate all 3 remote controls in our house as well as 2 cell phones when he was a puppy. Luckily he got over his infatuation with electronics.

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    My 65-lb, almost 1 year old Lab, Dorian, has dog toys that fall into 2 categories: unsupervised and supervised.
    He gets only a few unsupervised toys because he destroys most things he can get a tooth-hold on and I don’t need him swallowing things that might end up with a trip to the vets!
    Unsupervised toys: Nylabone Dura Chews, Kongs and Goughnuts stick. These are all great fun for him, can be left around all day without worry and hold up to heavy chewing. Always supervise a toy until you are sure your dog can’t destroy it.
    Supervised toys: Kong Wubba (it squeaks and has a tail), polar fleece braided tugs, various stuffed animals, wood dowels, etc. These are for playing games with me like Find, Retrieve, Mouth Catch, Get it/Hold/Give, and Tug. All the supervised toys go up when we are done playing and game is over. He cannot go off solo and chew/rip on them. That makes them even more fun when I bring them out, and lots safer too!

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      I just took a peek at a few pictures of Dorian he’s a beautiful dog!

      Good point on the supervised vs unsupervised dog toys. We do the same thing with our pups. I never tried a Goughnut stick, but I think I’ll get one the next time I bring home a puppy.

  5. Kim says

    Star’s favorite toy is one of those mini loofa dog things. lol It’s small enough she can handle it. She also has a weird fascination with my hair….

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