How About A World Cup Dog Jersey?

Are you caught up in the excitement of the World Cup?  Do you already have your favorite World Cup Jersey while you cheer for your country?  I’m a fan of hockey, but every four years I must admit I flip the channel to see what’s going on with the World Cup.  On the other hand, I have several crazy friends from Ireland, England, and other countries who are fanatical football fans (for us Americans…soccer).  Now if you’re one of those fanatical fans then you might be interested in a new product I recently came across: World Cup Dog Jersey!

World Cup Dog Jersey

Earlier this year we won a contest for a world cup dog jersey.  At the time we didn’t think to much of it, but we were a little bummed when we found out they did not make large dog sized jerseys.  We ended up ordering the USA small jersey for my dad’s Cairn Terrier.  Here’s a picture of him sporting his fancy new jersey:

I’m very impressed with the material and quality of the jersey.  The material is very light weight and feels very similar to the material from my Nike Dry Fit Golf shirts.  Here are a few more World Cup Dog Jersey details:

  • Constructed of breathable micro-mesh fabric.
  • Stretchable neck and waist for comfort.
  • Vibrant colors. Wont fade.
  • 100% polyester.
  • This is the same jersey your National team is wearing. Now your four-legged friend can also sport this jersey!

By the way, the United States is not the only country available you can also get a dog jersey in the style of: Brazil, England, France, or Germany.

If you’re a fan of the world cup and a dog lover then I suggest you check out the website.  I’m not too sure if they will be able to get your favorite world cup dog jersey delivered by the end of this years world cup, but I’m sure you’ll have something for your dog to be proud of for the next World Cup!


  1. Sharlene Briggs says

    I wish they had them in XL! My dog is 120 pounds and has a recurring problem where her right elbow becomes enflamed and absesses. After many expensive treatments and custom-made supports that didn’t work (she “plops down” on it too hard and licks it once it starts hurting) my new vet said to simply put a shirt on her that covers her elbow. It cushoions/protects her elbow when she lays down, and she can’t get to it to lick it! So now I go buy clearance long sleeve polos (the button down fits her neck) and cut the body and leg length down. She loves them (and looks so cute!). But she would really be stylin’ with a World Cup Jersey!

  2. says

    @Sharlene, when Stetson first came home from formal guide dog training he had that bare spot on his elbow from plopping on his elbows in the cement kennels. I’m sure it’s a very common problem for larger dogs. They may already have something available for dogs to protect the elbows and if not maybe it’s something you can invent :)

    By the way, if you do find something please let us know and we’ll do a write up on the blog.

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