7 Dog Blogs You Should Start Reading Today

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95 pet blogs entered the pet blogger challenge (at least that’s how many entered the blog hop).  After reading through all 95 pet blogger challenge blog posts I came away with 7 new dog blogs I’m going to start reading today.  7 new RSS Subscriptions to add to my already full Google Reader.  Can I handle that many more blogs to read in my day?  We’ll see…

Over the past couple years I’ve gotten much better at adding, removing, and cleaning up my RSS Subscriptions. So as I add these 7 new blogs I will most likely review all the blogs in my feed and go through another cleansing process in the coming months.

Dog Blogs
Dublin likes reading dog blogs outside the box.

7 Dog Blogs You Should Start Reading Today

  1. All Things Dog Blog – Our job here is to offer tips ideas and inspiration for making your “life with dog” easier and more enjoyable. We try to help our readers solve problems and prevent new ones. And of course, we have to weave in a little fun and variety too.
  2. Social Media Savvy Pets – Social Savvy Pets is dedicated to helping veterinarians and other pet professionals establish an online presence through the use of blogging and social media.
  3. Something Wagging This Way Comes – Pamela started Something Wagging This Way Comes to chronicle the raising of my golden retriever puppy and as a way to explore the best of positive, relationship based dog training.
  4. Go Pet Friendly Blog –  is for people that love to travel with their pets! Including our pets should be easy, and this free website will help you find pet friendly hotels, campgrounds, restaurants, beaches, off-leash dog parks, wineries, and lots of other places the whole family can enjoy together.
  5. The Doggie Stylish Blog – Doggie Stylish is dedicated to providing stylish and functional collar and leashes for large dogs. Started by owner Karen Friesecke and her spokesdog Jersey, each Doggie Stylish item is hand made by Karen, and tested for strength, comfort, and usability.
  6. This One Wild Life – celebrates the every-day joy we humans experience when interacting with animals, whether domestic or wild, while advocating for animal health and welfare in the rescue and pet world as well as the natural environment we share.
  7. You Did What With Your Weiner – We want to be the best resource for people who hike with their small dogs. We also want to inspire others get out and enjoy nature with their small dogs as much as we do. We share our stories, post reviews of products and accessories, provide tips on hiking and fitness and generally celebrate the adventurous small dog.

Each of these blogs offers something a little bit different.  For instance, I enjoy reading Lorie’s posts on social media at Social Meida Savvy Pets, Pamela’s recent puppiness project on Something Wagging This Way Comes, Amy’s excellent tips and information on traveling with your pet, or Karen’s crafty DIY projects on DoggieStylish.

I encourage you to check out each of these pet blogs and tell me what you think.

By the way, if you want to see some other awesome dog blogs then check my top dog blogs post from last summer.

How about you?  Do you have and excellent pet blog you’d like to share?  Please tell us about your blog in the comments section below.

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  1. Cool! You know, I really love reading blogs about animals. I really enjoy it! Thanks for sharing this. Keep posting!

  2. Wow….happened upon this post today and what a major surprise. Thanks for noticing AllThingsDogBlog.com and adding up to your RSS. I know that is sometimes a major decision when faced with mountains of material to read. I wish I had a better system for selection. Maybe you could write a post on that?!!!

    1. @Carrie, No problem on adding AllThingsDogBlog to my RSS feed…keep the great content coming. And yes! it’s tough to decide what to keep and what to remove from an RSS feed. I’m not sure if I’d be the best for creating a system on selection as I’m subscribed to a mountain of feeds myself.

  3. Thanks, Colby, for the shout out to Something Wagging This Way Comes. I feel like I’m in very good company. And you’ll find most of the blogs you recognized today in my blog reader as well.

    I try to be fussy with my feed readers. I think about paring it down sometimes. But as I go through and read I keep finding myself amused, touched, and educated by so many great bloggers. We don’t really need to sleep, do we?

    1. @Pamela, no problem! I’ve actually gotten really good about organizing and cleaning up my feed reader. The problem is I still have hundreds of blogs to read. I agree with the no sleep thing.

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