Are You Looking For A Custom Dog House?

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One of my friends has been working for an architecture firm for the past year or so, but he recently has had the itch to design custom dog houses.  We always used to have dog houses for our family dogs at home.  Unfortunately, because I live in a small condo with just a patio I haven’t had the luxury of getting a dog house let alone a custom dog house for my furry friends (hopefully that will all change as I’m looking to buy a house with a nice backyard).

I stopped by my architecture friend’s house the other day and got a first hand look at one of his custom dog house prototypes.  My girlfriend’s parents dog, Yuki even had the chance to test drive this doggy home.

Custom Craftsman Dog House

I don’t think he has names for these houses yet so we’ll just call prototype 1 the Craftsman Dog House.

Custom Dog House
Yuki test driving the dog house

Yep, that’s our pal Yuki testing out one of the porches on this little abode.  It looks pretty comfy!

Yuki working on her sit stay
A different angle of this dog house

Here’s another angle of the same house…and the same dog…this time practicing a sit-stay.  You can see on the inside there’s a nice little doggy bed to keep your little buddy cozy and warm.

From the side custom dog house
From the side craftsman dog house.

Here’s a side angle and you can see Luke in the background about to settle into his dog bed.  I’m not too sure what the pricing will be on these custom dog houses, but I’m sure you can work on pricing with the designer.

I’ve been looking for a new home (a human home that is) for a few years now and I really like the architecture of this Craftsman Dog House (I’ve been actually looking at Eichler homes).  Hopefully if I can find the right Eichler home I can commission my buddy to design a beautify mid-century modern Eichler doggy home for Stetson, Linus, and Adelle.  First things first…I have to find a new home for me and the doggies.  Wish us luck!

Are you looking for a custom dog house?  If so, let us know what you’re looking for in the comment section below.  What do you guys think about these custom craftsman doggy homes?  Do you already have a dog house for you furry friends?

UPDATE: We heard that the pricing is going to be somewhere between $400-600 depending on the size of your dog.  Here are some more pictures of this dog house.  Also, I made some updates to the post as indeed this is a Craftsman Bungalow style dog house.

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  1. Would you please send me e-mail address where I can purchase this dog house. I have westie and he is only 7 lb right now. Thank you.

  2. I love this doghouse. Could you send me the price and shipping options please?

    Thank you,

    1. I’m glad you like the dog house. I will be meeting with the architect who designed the house next week. I will get you more details in the coming week.

  3. Can you please let us know what the price would be for this doghouse to hold an 85 pound lab and a 17 pound terrier? What would the cost of shipping be?


  4. Do you have a website or catalog for the craftsman dog house
    I’m in South FL
    I XL Saint Bernards
    How would it ship?
    Thank you

  5. Hi, I must say, this is the finest I have seen. I would like the same did my dog. Is this something the artist can make for my black lab Oreo?

  6. Great doghouse! Would your friend be willing to sell us the plans? We would need them to accommodate an 80 pound lab.

    Thanks so much for checking!

  7. That’s really cool. I have a really active toy poodle and a dog house that she could play in like that would be awesome. It seems well worth the cost.

  8. Custom dog houses are the way to go. How else are you gonna get a dog house that looks like an authentic Japanese pagoda? The multi-level playing areas are so cool!!

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