The 5 Best Frisbees for Dogs [+4 Honorable Mentions]

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When Linus was a puppy he had a cute “Clifford the Big Red Dog” frisbee that he loved. However, two years later we brought home our guide dog puppy in training, Stetson. Unfortunately for Linus (and Stetson), in the guide dog world we are not allowed to give our puppies frisbees or tennis balls.

The good news is we are currently not training a guide dog puppy, so frisbees for dogs are okay! Elsa and Raven can have as many frisbees as they’d like 🙂

More good news! Today, we are sharing Golden Retriever, Charlie’s list of the 5 best frisbees for dogs +4 honorable mentions.

Our Favorite Dog Frisbees - Golden looking through frisbee

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You may have noticed that in our recent breakdown of the best outdoor dog toys, there were no frisbees on the list.

This is not because they missed the cut, but instead because our Charlie insisted that they deserve a list of their own.

So, if your dog was born to run, jump and fetch then this is the list for you!

Scroll down for all our detailed reviews, but here is a quick sneak peak!

The 5 Best Frisbees For Dogs (Charlie’s Favorites)

We are not exaggerating when we say that Charlie is OBSESSED with Frisbees.

We knew right away that he loved balls and fetch, but after seeing his first Frisbee in flight, he was completely captivated.

If one is nearby he can think of nothing else. Seriously – lay out a plate of steaks or a Frisbee and I guarantee you he is not about to eat!

Our Golden Retriever Charlie is a true Frisbee Dog!

He is also the type of dog that needs to carry something in his mouth while walking, and for us that something has become a frisbee.

In fact, he has become well known around the neighborhood for this and rarely does a walk go by where we don’t see a driver grinning from ear to ear as they pass and laugh at our silly boy.

I wanted to start off with these little anecdotes to give you confidence that our Golden boy knows what he is talking about on the subject and you can trust in the following recommendations!

1. NERF TPR Flyer

The NERF dog flyer is rated #1 by our Frisbee connoisseur Charlie!

Charlie’s favorite Frisbee of all time.

The NERF Dog frisbee is made from a tough but very flexible rubbery material.

It has several cutouts in the body that not only make it easy to carry, but also cause it to make a “whirring” sound which will entice your dog to chase.

This disc flies fast and far and tends to turn over onto its side during flight.

You can see this action in the video below and how it causes the Frisbee to roll a great deal after landing. This extra distance is perfect for burning off some puppy energy!

Charlie has been carrying this disc around the neighborhood on his daily walk for over a year now and it holds up great to regular use.

The material is tough enough that it is not permanently indented by sharp teeth and springs right back into shape.

If your dog has a tendency to guard and chew when tired, they will be able to tear it however, and ours now has a few splits in it.

No big deal – this was our fault for being distracted and he still enjoys it just as much.

Plus – for all the use we get out of it I have no problem picking him up a fresh disc every so often!

We love that the NERF dog flyer is easy for Charlie to pick up and carry.

We highly recommend the NERF Frisbee for fast dogs with lots of energy to burn!

2. Chuckit! Zipflight

The Chuckit! Zipflight is perfect for fast dogs with lots of energy. It is also soft enough to be caught mid-air!

The furthest flying toy in the Chuckit line, the Zipflight has a circular shape and a hole in the center.

It is constructed of a durable canvas like material and comes in several sizes for different breeds.

This Frisbee flies at the perfect speed for an active dog to be able to catch in flight. In fact, it was the first disc that Charlie was able to make a successful mid-air grab!

Demonstrating the ChuckIt! Zipflight Glow in the Dark Frisbee

Another cool feature is that the Zipflight glows in the dark so your play sessions can extend into the night!

This is perfect for those of us who live up North when the Winter sunlight hours are oh so precious!

The Zipflight is soft yet durable making it a perfect Frisbee material. Ours has held up very well, but they are prone to a bit of fraying after lots and lots of use.

We would highly recommend this disc if your dog loves to run, is learning how to catch, or prefers the soft canvas style.

3. Chuckit! Flying Squirrel

The Chuckit! Flying Squirrel makes our list of the best frisbees for dogs!

This unique looking Frisbee acts even more interesting in flight. The Chuckit! Flying Squirrel floats high into the sky when thrown and is somewhat unpredictable in its path.

As you can imagine this uncertainty is tons of fun for your dog as they look towards the sky and attempt to follow it.

Since it floats downward at a slow speed, you will also get to see plenty of hilarious and impressive doggy jumps as they try to snatch it from the air.

Charlie jumping to catch the Chuckit! Flying Squirrel

We recommend the Flying Squirrel for slower dogs that like to catch, or to mix things up a bit!

4. WO Design Disc

Charlie Golden blue frisbee in mouth

At 8″ in diameter, the Disc from WO Design is a bit smaller than those above, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive.

While it may not travel as far through the air, this thing really picks up steam once it hits the ground!

Similar to the NERF TPR Flyer, this disc turns over during flight and rolls like crazy once it hits the ground.

When all is said and done this usually travels 70 yards or more, and drives Charlie’s chase instincts crazy!

The WO Disc is very flexible, but very durable as well. After months of heavy use ours still doesn’t have a scratch on it!

5. West Paw Design Dash

UPDATE 2017! Without a doubt the toughest toy on this list!

The West Paw Design Dash is heavy, so we wouldn’t recommend it for everyone, but this thing is built to last.

Due to its weight, it doesn’t fly as far as others on the list, but if you have a strong arm you can still get it to travel a good distance.

The hole in the center makes it easy for both dogs and humans to pick up and carry.

Like all West Paw toys, the Dash is made right in their Montana facility, FDA compliant, recyclable and it even floats.

Best of all?

They offer a one time product replacement guarantee should you ever need it!

Honorable Mentions

Below are a handful of dog discs that we have also enjoyed, but didn’t quite make the list… 

  • Chuckit! Paraflight – You can’t go wrong with any of the Chuckit! Frisbee’s and Charlie loved the Paraflight until its eventual demise! It flies straight and far (though not as far as the Zipflight) and would be a great choice for any dog. Just don’t let them chew on it!
Some "well loved" discs from our stash!
  • Frisbee Golf Disc – If your dog has endless energy like our Labrador Retriever, Elsa does, try out a frisbee golf disc. I’m not exaggerating when I say that these can be thrown hundreds of yards when you get the hang of it. Word of warning – many are made of a soft rubber that will deform from dog teeth.  See the picture above for what ours looked like over time! If you are an avid Frisbee golfer you would not want to give your pup a prized disc!
  • Chuckit! HeliFlight – Another great Chuckit! option with an interesting flight pattern. The Heliflight has a curved shape causes it to float upwards similarly to the Flying Squirrel but at a greater distance. This would be a great choice for a dog learning to catch since it also has a tendency to hover and fall slowly to the ground.
Our Golden Retriever Charlie playing with a Chuckit! Heliflight
  • Chuckit! Boomerang – Not technically a Frisbee, but close enough. The boomerang is a lot of fun to throw and easy for any dog to pick up and carry.
Charlie taking a break from fetching with his Chuckit! Boomerang

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed todays list of best frisbees for dogs.

I think Charlie enjoys his job testing these new toys. It’s like the movie Big starring Charlie instead of Tom Hanks. 🙂

What did we miss?

Give us your opinion on the best dog Frisbees in the comments below!

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The 5 Best Frisbees For Dogs [Plus 4 Honorable Mentions] - Golden Retriever looking through the hole of a frisbee.

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