Blog Paws 2012 – Pet Blogging And Social Media Conference

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I love learning about all of the new internet marketing technology as it applies to pet bloggers.  One of the doggy blog websites I visit regularly and subscribe to is the Blog Paws Website.  If you’re a pet blogger and you want to learn more about getting traffic, internet marketing, or you just want to be a part of pet blogging community the Blog Paws is the place to go.

Here’s a little excerpt from the Blog Paws Website on exactly what they are about:

BlogPaws is an online community site for pet bloggers, pet enthusiasts, pet people on Twitter and Facebook and brands eager to tap into a growing, vibrant, vocal community of serious writers, bloggers, tweeters. We are the go-to resource for pet people and brands to partner on projects and campaigns, to be educated on social media, and to arrange face-to-face meetings all over the country.

Over the past few years Blog Paws has held an annual conference gathering Pet Bloggers across the country.

Blog Paws 2012
Blog Paws 2012

It is an event I’ve wanted to, but haven’t had the opportunity to attend.  However, this is my year for Getting Things Done.  In the past I’ve:

  • NOT gotten involved in the pet blogger community as much as I’d like
  • NOT gotten as much traffic as I want to my pet blog
  • NOT created as large a community using Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube
  • NOT fully setup my Autoresponder
  • NOT created an e-book
  • NOT created a membership site

In accordance with My 2012 Goal Post I plan to reverse all of the above “NOTs” and check them off my list.  One of the items not listed above is to attend this years Blog Paws 2012 conference and that is what today’s post is all about.

Blog Paws 2012

What: Blog Paws 2012 – Pet Blogging And Social Media Conference

Blog Paws Conference
Blog Paws Conference

When: June 21-23
Where: Sheraton Salk Lake City
150 West 500 South. Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Registration Fee: $199.00 for full conference pass

There are several options for registration including student, company rates, and individual day registrations.

A couple of keynote speakers have already been announced including Betsy Saul co-founder of and popular blog paws speaker Lena West.  Keep up to date on the latest news regarding the 2012 Blog Paws event by visiting they main 2012 Blog Paws Conference Page.

I plan on getting things done with the Puppy In Training blog this year and that includes trying to lift the blog to the next level by attending this years Blog Paws Pet Blogging and Social Media Conference.  What about you guys?  Are you attending Blog Paws 2012?  Have you gone in the past?  What did you think?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. I went to BlogPaws last year and thought it was great except there were so many sessions You couldn’t attend them all. This year is out for me. The cost of the conference is more than reasonable, it’s just plane fare and hotel I don’t think I can swing. Enjoy going! Be sure to join the BlogPaws Newbie Group on the BlogPaws Community.

    1. @Dawn, agreed on the “so many sessions”. I went to Blogworld last November and they had more than 20 session going at any one time. I was sad to miss some of the speakers, but luckily they had an option to purchase all the recordings for $49 which I did. I’m sorry you won’t be at BlogPaws this year. Did you bring any of your pups with you on the trip last year?

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