Brindle Labrador Retriever – Dixie

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We received some more pictures of Brindle Labs and decided to keep posting them to the website.  Take a look at the images of Dixie below…she sure does have an interesting color for a Labrador Retriever.  I hope you enjoy!

Dixie The Three Year Old Brindle Lab

Dixie is a 3 years old brindle lab. Her mother is Chancy a dark chocolate lab, and her father is Sam a black lab. She was one of two fully brindle colored pups in the litter and she is the only surviving one. Five of the pups in this litter had some brindle coloring.

Dixie has had one litter of pups after she turned two and we kept her son who is chocolate, there were some that had a patch or two of brindle however none with her coloring. She is a very happy playful dog who loves water and Frisbee catching.

We love this breed and have five wonderful dogs. Two black, one dark chocolate, one chocolate and Dixie our brindle. I have included pictures of her below.

Brindle Labrador

I hope you enjoy the beauty of her color as we do, however we enjoy her more for her temperament and loving demeanor. J.N. Orleans, Michigan

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  1. Kelly,
    I am glad you found this post. I shared pics of Dixie because she is a perfect brindle. I owned her mother and my niece owned her father. Both were full blooded. Only those people who actually see the parents believe she is full blooded. No matter to me she is our baby and we love her just the same. Next time someone says your pup is not full blooded give them this site and ask them to explain why it is not! Good Luck. 🙂

  2. I am so glad that I found this….I have a 9 week old LAB puppy who is brindle and everyone has been tryin to tell me that he is not a lab. I seen the parents with my own two eyes. Daddy is a yellow lab and mama is a chocolate lab.So tired of them telling me that he is a pit or a mastiff. I love my puppy and know where he came from so that is really all that matters. Not sure why people think that they have to try and tell me different, doset make sense because what does it really matter to them.Again I am so glad that I found this…Have a great day!

  3. oh….and his eyes have gone from a striking blue, to now a green…not sure if this helps…. he was three months old on Sept 1st, 2010. thanks

  4. Hello! We purchased a lab pup on July 24th. He was 6 weeks old at the time. He is suppose to be a chocolate lab, (mom is a black and dad ia chocolate). He is very very cute. Over the last two months that we have had him, he is showing some very unusual colors….light shades at the front of his front legs, around the top of his head through is ears, and right around his butt. His actual coat is along his ribs seems to be mixed variation on light tan/black/brown. the top of his back and head/tail is a very pretty brown/red color…. The vet today told me there was no way he was a purebred. So…..I’m upset (we will have to put our old boy down soon and he is a pure bred chocolate (and their colors are NOTHING alike….) and what I wanted was a purebred choc lab….So I don’t know who to believe, the pet store (who are swearing the local provider would not give mixed breeds) or the vet….????? what do I do? Any ideas?.

    1. Take a look at Dixie! She is a wonderful full blooded lab! Our vet said the same thing. Dixies mom was a dark chocolate and her father was black. The vet says the same to me and yet calls her brother a full blooded dog! Brindles are rare and beautiful, I do not understand how anyone can not think that down the line a brindle will come out. My gosh we can get yellow, black and chocolate in the same bunch. Why not try color? I guess if you need to know the truth you can have blood work done, but why bother? As long as you know that is all that counts!

  5. well i was looking for a dog and i found one and i thought the person that found him was out of her mind when she said that he was a brindle lab but that what he is

  6. @Kelli, It’s definitely possible that she’s a pure bred Labrador Retriever. Did you get a chance to see her parents. Also, you can check with your veterinarian to see if they offer genetic testing to see what breed(s) your dog is. I’m not too sure of the accuracy, but if your interested it’s worth a shot.
    .-= Colby´s last blog ..Search And Rescue Dog Training Demonstration =-.

  7. I was told my pup is a pure bred lab she has white markings on her chest and feet and strands of cholclate through her body.

  8. @Carla, Thanks for sharing the information on your new puppy. I hope everything is going well with her. If you would like to send us pictures just send us an email with attachments to ckmorita [at] puppyintraining [dot] com.

  9. Hi we have a 3 month old puppy, we were told that she is pure lab by her breeder, but she is not registered. Her mother is a golden lab ans her father is a black lab. She is very brindle and our vet thinks that she may be part mastif. To us she looks pure lab, I don’t know how to post pictures but would like some input on her markings.

    1. Hi Carla,
      Vets for some reason do not know labs can be many colors. I laugh every time we take Dixie in because we take her with her brother and son, both of who have some of her coloring. The vet always writes lab on their paperwork and insists that Dixie must be a mix! We always tell him that its is rather imposible to call her brother and son full blooded labs if he does not call her full blooded. Either way we know what we have and as of yet have not had her fixed. I am not sure why but it seems everytime we set up her appointment she comes in heat. Wierd but we think it might be because it is not ment to be!

      1. I have a beautiful puppy that is brindle. I was told she was a purebred lab but having never seen or heard of this colouring on a lab I figured they just didn’t want to tell me she was mixed, and what mix she was. I didn’t care because she’s so dang loveable. Anyway this site made my day. Wish I could post her photo as shes a beautiful brindle head to toe

        1. Hi, I’d just like to let you and anyone else who is curious about this brindling in labradors know, that there is a 99% chance that they ARE purebred. I am a professional breeder of theses “brindle labs” and in fact, they are actually called agouti labradors. These dogs are worth upwards of $900 because they are so rare. Their parents carry the agouti gene recissively and pass it down to their offspring dominately. This can cause brindling, lavs that have the coloring of a rottweiler, and freckled labs, as well as solid colored ones. It can also cause slightly longer fur down the dogs spine. These dogs are very rare, very expensive, very desired, and very purebred.

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