Did You Miss Canine Dental Health Month?

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February was canine dental health month and I missed it on my blog. However, I still wanted to get a post up about canine dental health. Last month during our Guide Dogs of America monthly meeting we were visited by a gentleman who performed Non-Anesthetic Dental care.

I’ve been fortunate to be a part of several presentations on non-anesthetic dental care and while I think it is a good thing for your dogs to receive non-anesthetic dental care I myself have not had any of my dogs receive non-anesthetic dental care.

OCGDA Meeting on Canine Dental Health

Dental HealthOne of the great benefits of being a volunteer puppy raiser for Guide Dogs of America is the great information and presentations you get at the meetings. During February’s monthly meeting we were taught how to properly brush our dogs teeth and told which toys are okay and not okay for our puppies.

Unfortunately it is rather difficult to explain in writing how to brush your pets teeth here are a few pointers we learned during our meeting.

  • Dog ToothpasteDon’t use regular people toothpaste. Use toothpaste made specifically for dogs. Stetson likes any of the toothpastes I’ve used. Linus prefers the Poultry Flavored Toothpaste
    in the image to the left.
  • At the meeting we were told we can use regular people tooth brushes (soft bristles).
  • Be sure to brush all the teeth on the outside and inside.
  • Remove anything stuck between the teeth
  • Of course they recommend non-anesthetic dental care for you dog if he/she qualifies (I don’t get my dogs this service).
  • Start brushing your puppies teeth early on – it’s much easier to get your puppy used to teeth brushing when he’s small then when he’s full grown.
  • It was recommended that we use the actual toothbrush over the little rubber finger brush. The reason being that the rubber finger brush doesn’t remove sediment as well as the regular brush.
  • Brush your puppies teeth at least once a day.
  • Make sure you use lots of praise when brushing your puppies teeth.

Price List For Non-Anesthetic Dental Care

The main reason I have not used Canine Non-Anesthetic Dental care is because of the price. Here is a price list we received at our meeting. Hopefully this will help you price compare if you are looking for a similar service.

Cleaning ScheduleCleaning Price
Initial Cleaning$165.00
Monthly Maintenance$28.00
Bi-Monthly Maintenance$56.00
Quarterly Maintenance$78.00
Semi-Annual Maintenance$109.00

If you are interested in this dental cleaning program and are local to Orange County, CA then please contact me in the comments area and I’ll send you additional information.

Do you get your puppy non-anesthetic dental care? Do you brush your puppy’s teeth regularly?

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