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Last year we were excited to see our dog blog reach number one on Technorati for top Pet Blog.  However, since then we’ve noticed our site has declined steadily (as of this writing we rank 49th) on the Technorati list and we wondered how this could be since we still do our best to deliver great content.  We noticed that several spammy-looking sites and even totally unrelated blogs showed up on the Technorati top pet sites. On the other hand some of our favorite blogs were getting poor rankings.  This led us to believe that Technorati was not the best source to find the top dog blogs on the internet.

Yellow Lab Blogging

After this revelation we decided to check some of the other blog directories, search engines, and top lists across the internet in search of the top dog blog.  We checked out MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog, Yahoo Directory, DMOZ Directory, Google Search, Yahoo Search, Bing Search, Blog Top Sites, Delicious,, and as we mentioned Technorati.  After much effort we came to the conclusion that there wasn’t a good, current source for top dog blogs on the internet.

The Best Dog Blog

We’ve been running the Puppy In Training Blog for the past four years and during that time we’ve always had our eye out for other dog blogs and websites with great content.  Every year we re-evaluate our RSS feed and try to add new blogs we’ve come across and remove the old one’s that have shut down or gone stale.

This year we decided we’d like to ask you, our loyal readers to tell us about the dog blogs you write for or follow every day.  Our goal is to gather a list of as many dog blogs, rank them based on statistics (PR, Alexa, etc.), personal evaluation, and finally come up with a list of the top dog blogs across the internet!

So now what?  Tell us about your dog blog or the one’s you love to read in the comment section below or send us your information to our contact form.  We need to get your information by the end of this month, April 30th 2011 if you’d like to be included in this little competition.  We will publish the top blogs in a series of blog posts throughout the month of May 2011.

This a great opportunity to get exposure for your blog as last month alone we received over 65,000 page views according to Google Analytics.  We will also update our RSS feed with our top dog blogs list and we often times tweet, post to facebook, and link to other blog articles we read in our RSS feed.

What are you waiting for?  Tell us about your dog blog or your favorite doggy blog!

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  1. Hello there – my name is Sadie Shih Tzu and I have a dog blog called ‘Hi, I’m Sadie Shih Tzu.’ I write about silly things, post cute photos and videos and also write about more serious things like the risks of eating rawhide. I’d love you to check it out. Face licks, Sadie x

  2. My Allergy Dog Central blog is dedicated to dog allergies:

    As an owner of an allergy dog, I’ve learned a lot (the hard way) about how to recognize, treat and prevent dog allergies. I’d love to have more visitors come to the site to share their dog allergy stories.

  3. Great blog and I love your set up! I’m totally with you that there are so many unrelated top dog blogs out there that really never let the real ones shine as they should. Well, keep up the good work and I’ll be comming back here for more!

  4. This is my site and I have put a lot of work into it and hopefully someone will find something there that will be of benefit to them.


    1. @Duke&Roxie thanks for sharing your blog I added it to my list. I just took a peek at your puppy graduation photo and there’s quite a mix of breeds. Does your organization use rescue dogs in their program?

    1. @Lisa, Hosta & Ellie let us know when you start your blog about dog products. We can’t wait to hear about your dog product reviews. We’ll add your ksdspuppy blog to our list. Thanks!

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