Dog-Friendly Toyota Venza

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We’re just a couple weeks away from the LA Auto Show and I’m hoping to get a glimpse of the Dog-Friendly Toyota Venza.  We are also hoping to see the dog-friendly Honda Element as well.  Unfortunately we only saw the plain old vanilla versions of the Honda Element and saw nothing of  the dog-friendly accessories for the Toyota Venza at the OC Auto Show.

Dog Friendly Toyota Venza

Dog-Friendly Toyota Venza

So what is it that we hope to see at the LA Auto show?  Well, the Toyota Venza was designed with the dog owner in mind.  Toyota is offering pet accessories for the Venza.  Here’s a list from Suite 101:

  • Waterproof hammock style seat covers
  • Pet ramps for easy access via the rear hatch
  • A booster seat pet restraint system, complete with adjustable harness
  • A zipline for the rear seat, with matching harness pet restraint system to allow for movement while keeping pets restrained during an accident
  • A dog leash tether to keep dogs from jumping out of the car or into the driver’s area
  • An adjustable pet barrier to keep pets in the back seat or rear cargo area

I’m glad that Toyota has decided to keep the dog owner in mind when designing their latest vehicles.  Even if they do not have the Venza pet accessories on display at the LA Autoshow I’ll have to take a closer look at the car to see if it meets my needs.  Who knows?  The Toyota Venza may be my next Dog Car!

As you all know I’ve had my eye out for the perfect dog car for the past 2 years.  My tastes have adjusted over that time and not only am I looking for a great dog car, but one that is eco-friendly too.  Unfortunately, larger cars such as the Venza don’t usually get great gas mileage while green cars that get good gas mileage are often on the small side for me and my two large dogs.  Is there a happy medium?  If you’ve already found the perfect eco-friendly dog car I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.

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  1. Hey, Colby!

    The zipline is such a great addition for people with younger dogs who really want to move around and yet remain secure. LOL my gang couldn’t have used them because we always had two in the backseat– that would have gotten a little messy.

    Can’t wait to read what you see at the LA Auto Show!

    1. @24Paws, I’m very interested to see all the pet accessories for the Toyota Venza including the zipline. I currently drive an older Honda CRV and my Labrador Retriever Stetson rides on the passenger side floor boards (as part of his guide dog training) and Linus wears a harness and seat belt in the back seat.

      I can’t wait for the LA Auto Show too. I’m still looking for a car so I hope they have some new dog-friendly, eco-friendly cars at the show.

  2. I wonder if there’s a harness in the dog seat that I can use for my cats. I really don’t like putting the cats in a cage.

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