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Every year we go to the OC Pet Expo we come home with a bag full of dog products for Stetson, Linus, and this year Dublin to try out.  After last years Orange County Pet Expo besides getting good deals on little stuffed doggy toys we also came away with two doggy toys that we had been eager to try.  The first was the Amazing Treat Machine Interactive Dog Toy which we never got around to testing.  However, we plan on giving Stetson a shot at reviewing the Amazing Treat Machine and add it to his list of dog product reviews.  The other big product we bought from last years Pet Expo was Vetericyn wound and infection treatment spray.  We were hoping this spray would help with Stetson’s dog skin allergies.  Again we did not get a doggy product review posted to the web.  However, we plan on putting together a full review of Vetericyn in the coming weeks.

The Dog Products from OC Pet Expo 2011

Upcoming Dog Product Reviews from OC Pet Expo 2010

The Amazing Treat Machine Interactive Dog ToyFun interactive cardboard pet toy.

Amazing Treat Machine - Dog Feeder

Vetericyn Wound & Infection Treatment – One step wound and infection treatment based on microcyn technology that works naturally with your animals immune system.

Vetericyn for Dogs - wound and infection spray for animals

Once again we got a few plush toys that the boys will most likely shred to bits in a few minutes.  We were hoping to find some awesome new dog products at this years Orange County Pet Expo and while we did come across several items we were interested in purchasing we only came home with one NEW dog product we plan on reviewing on the website.

So what is the one product we plan on reviewing?  Lets start off with an awesome idea we had years ago:

Way back in 2005 when I took my Aussie mix Linus on a camping trip we wondered through the near pitch black forest at night me with my trusty head lamp and Linus and his black fur blended right in with the darkness.  At the time I thought wouldn’t it be cool if Linus had a fancy headlamp just like the one I was wearing, but a canine version.  After much (or maybe just a little) inner debate I assumed most dogs would be annoyed wearing a headlamp on their head just like most dogs hate wearing silly antlers or santa hats during the holidays.  So I dropped the entire idea.

Fast forward to the 2011 OC Pet Expo.  Almost directly across from our Guide Dogs of America booth was a small booth with a Golden Retriever wearing a nice little LED light around his neck.  The dog product was quite simply called the PupLight Dog Safety Light!  Very cool and because it was around his neck it didn’t bother him much…it was only like wearing an extra collar.  While we still think our canine headlamp idea is still pretty cool the PupLight is much more practical.

Upcoming Dog Product Reviews from OC Pet Expo 2011

PupLight Dog Safety LightPupLight makes walking a dog at night enjoyable by illuminating the path ahead.

PupLight Dog Safety Light

So stay tuned for our upcoming PupLight Dog Safety Light Review!

One final note on dog products at the Pet Expo Orange County: we were also looking to grab some antlers and saw a number of exhibitors selling both venison and deer antlers for dogs, but ended up coming away with neither.  Some of our fellow guide dog puppy raisers purchased some giant elk antlers for dogs that were about a foot long and two inches in diameter.  We also saw some much smaller antlers that were only about 4 inches in length and probably less than a half inch in diameter.  And finally we also saw a few that were sheered in half (we heard do not buy the antlers that are sheered in half as they don’t last nearly as long)  We weren’t too sure which would work best for Stetson’s powerful jaws so we decided a little more online research would be best.

By the way, after shopping around at the OC Pet Expo we thought we might be able to find better deals online.  However, the best deals were indeed at the Pet Expo along with the fact that you could haggle with the exhibitors, get bulk discounts, and also when the exhibitors saw Dublin in his Guide Dogs of America jacket they automatically gave us a better deal.  So next year we’re going to make sure we bring a fat wad of cash to spend on our three pups.

Did you get a chance to visit this years Orange County Pet Expo?  If so, did you find any cool dog products or watch any of the shows?

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    1. @Ysabelle, the OC Pet Expo was a couple weeks ago and it’s one of our favorite events of the year. If you can make it next year we highly recommend it.

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