Ever Wonder How Your Dog Escaped?

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Have you ever quarantined your dog to a specific room or area of the house and assumed there was no way for him to get out? However, to your amazement he somehow free’s himself from his special area in attempts to get the ultimate reward (spending more time with you).

In the video below this Beagle proves that not only can his breed win the Best In Show at the Westminster Dog Show and be the top dog in the Puppy In Training article The 6 Best Dog Costumes On The Internet, but this multi-talented breed is also a great escape artist.

Is this dog the MacGyver of the doggie world?

MacGyver’s Dog

The most amazing part of this video to me is: The Beagles were not BARKING or HOWLING!

My Dog Linus The Escape Artist

Another shining example of a great escape artist was when I first got my Australian Shepherd mix dog Linus. I did my best to spend as much time as possible with Linus when he was a puppy. However, I couldn’t spend every hour of every day watching over him. During his second week at home I had an appointment and was going to be gone for about 2 hours. I knew this would be an eternity for Linus and didn’t want to just throw him in his crate for 2 hours. I wanted to give him extra space to move around including a pee pad and his water dish. So, instead I put him in the bathroom and used the box his crate came in to block the door entry (I wanted to be sure fresh air would circulate to him. I also didn’t want him to scratch the bathroom door).

The crate box was approximately three feet high and as a 10 week old puppy Linus had no jumping skills, balance, or height…he couldn’t even reach the top of the box standing on his hind legs. I figured this was sufficient to keep him from escaping the bathroom. I propped a chair up against the box making sure there was no way he could move the box and chair out of the way.

I said my good bye’s to Linus knowing he probably start crying when I left. After about 2 hours I returned home from my appointment. I opened the front door and Linus came running up to greet me. I was happy to see him, but thought “how in the heck did you get out of the bathroom?” The box was still blocking the entryway, the chair was still firmly propped up against the box, but Linus was free.

At this point I was wishing I had a camera on Linus (just like the one in the video) to see how exactly he escaped. Upon further inspection I noticed pieces of box all over the bathroom area and also saw a round hole approximately 4 inches in diameter in the middle of the box. I knew there was no way Linus could jump the box. He didn’t move the box and slip out the side. My only guess is that he became frustrated with the box and started chewing on it. The hole in the box gave him a little step for his hind legs so his short front paws could reach the top allowing him to propel himself over. Lucky thing for me there were no accidents in the house.

Never underestimate your dog. They are much smarter and more resourceful than you sometimes think.

Do you have any stories about your dogs great escape? Do you have the next puppy MacGyver?

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