Monday Mischief – A Linus Tail

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Linus here!  I’m back and taking over the blog for the day!

Ever since that big guy, Apache left we’ve had guide dog puppy visitors from big to small.  Toby (8 week old yellow Lab) was our first visitor and stayed with us for 2 weeks.  Now, Journey (7 month old yellow Lab) is hanging out with us and boy does he love to play!  One of the funniest things he does is jump around like a bucking bronco!

I’ve never seen a Lab do that before in my life!  It’s so funny!!!

Journey The Bucking Bronco!

Although not considered mischief in many circles a jumping guide dog is not a good thing so we’re working on keeping Journey a little bit calmer around the house.  However, that doesn’t mean Dad didn’t catch a pic of this bucking bronco:

Journey the Bucking Bronco
Journey acts like a bucking bronco in the morning

Journey jumped so high his head came clear out of the frame!  As you can see my tail already got into a little bit of mischief by getting in the middle of Dad’s shoot.

Linus’ Tail Got Into A Little More Mischief

Of course my tail couldn’t just stop at that little, tiny bit of mischief.  More was in store!

As usual Dad woke up bright and early to feed us breakfast.  Miss Ali was tired after a long week of camping and stayed in bed.  After a little bit of breakfast I hopped back on the bed and look what my tail decided to do:

Linus' tail gets into a bit of mischief
Check out my tail! It was trying to tickle Miss Ali’s nose!

Dad thought it was so funny he snapped this pic.  It was still a bit dark outside so the photo didn’t come out to well, but as you can see my tail is brushing up against Miss Ali’s face almost completely covering it.  I don’t know about you, but I think that would probably tickle…Dad just laughed….quietly…

I hope everyone had a great an mischievous weekend!

Linus and Stetson write a guest post every Monday called “Monday Mischief“, where they talk about their mischief, antics, and adventures from the past weekend.

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  1. Ali must be a sound sleeper!! I love the photo with Journey jumping because of Linus’ tale framing a photo of Stetson’s head! That would be a difficult shot to set up.

    1. Hi Snoops!

      You would love Journey. He has springs in his feet and loves to play. Actually he’s been shoving his toy in Linus and Stetson’s face all week. So if you like toys then you’d probably like Journey.

      Take care,

    1. Hi Bongo,

      I think you and Journey together might make a good video. Two pups with springs in their legs! 🙂

      Take care,

  2. I totally didn’t even know you took the picture! Linus’ tail is so soft…I guess I thought it was just my pillow or the blanket. 🙂 hehe…

    1. Yep! Linus and I were sneaky! It was so funny when he laid down and fanned out his tail. It was actually covering your whole face, but he adjusted a little right before I took the picture. 🙂

  3. Love those pics – I can’t believe Miss Ali didn’t awaken with that hairy tail in her face! Leave it to a lab to display such crazy bronco-type behavior! What fun you will have while he is there!

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