Monday Mischief – Apache’s Lazy Days

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Apache here.  This weekend the weather was being a bit mischievous.  Dad says it’s called June gloom, but it looked like it might rain all day.  That’s not right in the summer time in errr…sunny southern California.  We hung around the house most of the time.  Dad got to see the Kings win game 2 of the Stanley  Cup finals!

Apache The Golfer

I got to go for a nice walk on the golf course.  I was waiting for my pals Stetson and Linus to join me.

Apache Golf Course

I waited under the tree for my pals, but no one came.

Apache on the golf course
Waiting...looking behind...

I waited between 2 bushes and looked back behind me, but I still didn’t see Stetson and Linus.

Apache Alert!
Waiting some more....

I scanned the horizon and still, nothing.

Apache golf course
Done waiting...time for rest...

Finally I got tired of waiting and rested at the top of the hill.

Oh well, I didn’t get to see my pals, but I did get to go for a nice walk around the golf course.  Stetson and Linus must have been getting into some other kind of mischief back at the house.  Hmmm….I wonder what kind of mischief I was missing out on…

Tonight is Stanley Cup playoff night!  Dad says that we root for the Los Angeles Kings.  They only need to win 2 more games to win the Stanley Cup!  They haven’t won the cup since becoming a franchise way back in 1967!  WOW!!! That’s older than my dad! And he’s old!!!


Linus, Stetson, and Apache write a guest post every Monday called “Monday Mischief“, where they talk about their mischief, antics, and adventures from the past weekend.

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  1. Apache, I can’t imagine what they could have been doing that was more fun than going out for a long walk! They probably wish they’d come along with you!


    1. Hi Bunny,

      I think they wanted to be out with me too! Who wouldn’t want to be out enjoy the nice weather walking along the golf course?

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hi Colby! Thank you for stopping by our blog, and for your nice comment. 🙂

    I am from Southern California originally, so I understand all about June gloom!

    Have a great day, and Go Kings Go!!!

    1. It was sunny today!? I don’t really get June gloom. I hope it stays sunny the rest of summer so I can get my summer tan 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

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