Monday Mischief – Guide Dog Outing And Fireworks

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Apache here reporting on my Guide Dog Adventures over the past week.  Guess what?  Remember a few weeks ago we met up with my mentor, Dublin at Downtown Disney.  Well this week we went back to Downtown Disney with our Orange County Guide Dogs of  America group to grab a bite to eat and visit some of the stores.

Guide Dog Outing To Downtown Disney w/ Fireworks!

There were a few major differences this time at Downtown Disney:

  1. We went with 6 other guide dog puppies in training.  More puppy distractions.
  2. It was summertime!  Lots and lots of people.  Navigating through large crowds was a lot different from our last visit.
  3. We went at night time.  Everything looks a little bit different at night.
  4. Fourth of July is right around the corner which means fireworks!  We stayed for the fireworks and boy were they loud!

So enough jabber! Lets get to some of those pictures:

We were a little extremely late because of some major summer traffic.  Bad Daddy for not planning for traffic!  Yep, that’s me…I’m always smiling for the camera!

Apache Golden Retriever
That’s Me! Apache Golden Retriever

Wait a second…who’s that impostor!  He looks like me, but where’s his treat spot?

Koa Golden Retriever
It’s Koa! Another Golden Retriever Puppy In Training!

We grabbed dinner at the La Brea Bakery lots of humans and doggies!  After grabbing dinner we walked the streets of Downtown Disney and made a stop at the Build-A-Bear store.  That’s Me (Apache), Massimo, Koa, Cici, and Tucker is the one acting silly.

Build A Bear With Guide Dog Pups
That’s the gang hanging at Build A Bear!

It was getting late when I heard these loud booming sounds!  I didn’t know what was going on and I’m not sure I really liked it either.  I looked around, but I couldn’t tell where the noises were coming from.  Dad told me to “sit” then “down” then “stay” and then he repeated the exercise.  I felt like I was back at my obedience training class.  Dad said I was a good boy for following his directions and took me for a little walk so we could work on our loose leash heeling.

Apache and Fireworks
I can hear them, but I can’t see them…well no wonder why I’m looking the wrong direction!

I’m not sure I like the 4th of July and I didn’t like those fireworks too much, but Dad said I did okay considering how loud it was and with all the distractions of Downtown Disney.  He said Dublin didn’t even notice the fireworks when he visited Downtown Disney.  How could he not notice!  They’re so loud!  I guess Dublin isn’t as sensitive as me.

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  1. Yanno, we bet most doggies not trained as well as you woulda bolted at skeery noises like that. WE sure would have!!

    1. Hi Alfie,

      You can see the fireworks from your living room! That’s cool. I can only hear them.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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