OC Pet Expo Allowing Pet Dogs This Year

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Every year I write about the Orange County Pet Expo and this year has been no different.  However, there is something different about this years OC Pet Expo.

As long as I’ve been writing to this blog I’ve received many questions about the Pet Expo:  Will splash dogs be at the pet expo?  What kind of demonstrations do they have at the OC Pet Expo?  What kind of animals are at the expo?  Do they sell pet products?  Are there puppies for adoption?

However, the most common question I get about the Orange County Pet Expo…Can I bring my dog to the OC Pet Expo?  I inevitably hear that comment every year.  In fact, I just got this comment from one of our readers today:

ARE you allowed to bring dogs if your not working at a booth. I have been once a few years ago with my parents just before we got our 2nd to last family pet. I was in 4th grade. But now im married and I have two dogs a havanese puppy he is 7 months and yesterday we got a siberian husky from the pound she is 1 year and two monts. Are dogs allowed there?

I’m glad she asked…thanks Nikki!  Because just like I do every year I went back to the official website and checked the admissions section for the usual NO DOGS ALLOWED! (reminds me of Snoopy)  This year I came to the OC Pet Expo events info and to my surprise it read:



OC Pet Expo Dogs Allowed
Keep Off The Grass No Dogs Allowed!

Image By olaszmelo

So now I had to find out about Fido Fridays…what was it?  It was a little difficult to navigate their website, but I came across a press release about Fido Fridays.

OC Pet Expo – Fido Fridays

So what is Fido Friday at the America’s Family Pet Expo?  You guessed it…on Friday, April 20th, 2012 from 10am to 6pm pet dogs can join the fun at the Pet Expo.  Here’s the information straight from the official pet expo website:

America’s Family Pet Expo is happy to welcome your well behaved pooch to enjoy the day out with you at our show on FRIDAY!   But before you do, please be sure to read the Fido Friday Policy by clicking here.

All pet owners must sign a Liability Waiver upon entrance to the America’s Family Pet Expo. This opportunity to bring your dog is ONLY AVAILABLE ON FRIDAY.

A Few Tips for Attendees and Dogs:

  • Dogs will be allowed on Friday only.
  • There will be crowds, loud stimulating noises and many other animals on display as part of our show.
  • Only one dog allowed per adult.
  • Public dogs will not be allowed to enter Building 12 due to the other animals in this building.
  • Dogs MUST be kept on non-retractable leashes.
  • Bring water and snacks for your pet.
  • Take note of designated Potty Areas listed on Show Program.
  • Bring poop bags.
  • Read the Fido Friday Policy for rules and information.
  • Dogs will not be allowed without a signed Waiver.
  • Enjoy the Show!

If you decide to bring your dog to the OC Pet Expo make sure you keep a close eye on your dog and other dogs and animals.  Your dog may be well-behaved, but you never really know about the other dogs/animals.  Make sure you bring water and a bowl for your dog.  Some years it’s been very hot at the Pet Expo and you don’t want your dog to get dehydrated.  I bring a backpack with water bottle/bowl, towels/paper towels (in case my pup has an accident somewhere indoors), dog poop bags, sterile bone (we work the booths so I sometimes give my pup a sterile bone to chew on), and of course I always have my puppy on a short leash.

Yep!  It’s a first for the Orange County Pet Expo!  It’s the first time you can bring your four-legged family member to this event.  So now the question is will you bring your dog to the OC Pet Expo?

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  1. I don’t even like bring my GDA pup out of the GDA booth because it crazy tight and crowed hardly any room for people then they add dogs in that tight rows of booth CRAZY idea

    1. @Denise, I agree. It gets pretty crowded in there and I expect it will be more so on Friday with all the personal pet dogs attending. I’m working the GDA booth Friday afternoon so I guess I’m going to see how it goes. I usually come a second day without my dog to check out all the booths, demonstrations, and exhibits.

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