Pet E.R. Guide Review

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Are you the type of person who always takes his dogs on vacation?  If so, then the Pet E.R. Guide might be something to add to your dog traveling kit.

The Pet E.R. Guide


So what exactly ist the Pet E.R. Guide?  It’s a book/directory that lists 24-hour and after hour veterinary facilities in the United States.


I mostly travel locally with my dogs, but we do make the occasional trek outside of the county.  Not long ago we made a trip up to the Sequoia’s, camped, hiked, and fished.  Everything went well and at the time I never heard of the Pet E.R. Guide and never even thought about emergency veterinary service for my dog Linus.  However, looking back at our little adventure things could have gone south on several occasions:

  • When we were asleep in the tent I remember hearing this horrible sound I first thought could have been a bear (I was groggy).  Actually it was just Linus making that familiar sound right before he vomits.  We weren’t too sure what upset his stomach, but noticed some bits of food that we believe he picked up down by the river.  Fortunately, after throwing up on our sleeping bags he felt much better, cuddled up, and went back to sleep.
  • While hiking down the river we came to a waterfall where we all got into the water for a photo opportunity.  Linus didn’t want to join us and just stayed along the river edge.  However, after hearing our excitement he decided to hop from rock to rock to get to our position.  He nearly fell over the falls onto jagged rocks (about a 10 foot drop) and I’m almost positive he would have broken some bones if he had fell.

Lucky for us neither of these incidents resulted in a trip to the Emergency Room.  However, you can see how easily an accident could happen.  The Pet E.R. Guide lists hundreds of 24 and after-hour vet facilities throughout the US and could have been indispensable on our trip.

By the way, it had crossed my mind that there might be a directory for emergency veterinary clinics somewhere online.  I did several searches in Google and did not come up with a good source.  So as I’ve mentioned earlier if you are the type who likes to travel with your dog or pet I highly recommend getting a copy of the Pet E.R. Guide.  It could save your dogs life.

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