St. Patrick’s Day Dog

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In the past we haven’t had much to talk about on St Patty’s Day, but this year we have a St. Patrick’s Day Dog named Dublin!  Well, he’s not really a St. Patrick’s Day Dog, but we decided that because he has an Irish (with my best Irish accent) name that we should declare him a St. Patrick’s Day Dog.

On our way to Guide Dog Obedience training this past weekend I chatted with our group leader a little bit about St. Patrick’s Day and she was very interested in getting some festive green collars for her 4 dogs at home.  It got me to thinking that Dublin being a St Patrick’s Day Dog should have something to represent his Irish side.

That being said what does an Irish Dog do or wear on Saint Paddy’s Day?  Unfortunately, Dublin cannot drink green beer and eat corn beef and cabbage today.  We were a little stumped on what to do and wear so we went to to do a little bit of shopping.

St. Patrick’s Day Dog

For the most part we didn’t see much that we liked including a silly Green Shamrock Tie for your dog and I wasn’t too sure about the St Paddy’s Dog Bandana listed on the site.  However, I did see three things that I may put on my wishlist for next years (we already missed the buying period for St Patrick’s Day).

By far our favorite doggy product to show up at was the Leprechaun Dog Costume.  Take a look:

  • Leprechaun Dog Costume

St Patricks Day Dog

Leprechaun Dog Costume

How can you not love the little orange beard around his chin?  It’s just too adorable.  This costume would look great on my dad’s little cairn terrier and probably go well on Dublin too.  Perhaps this will be a purchase before next years St Patty’s Day festivities

We also liked this doggy bandana:

  • St. Patrick’s Day Dog Bandana Shamrocks

St Patricks Day Dog Bandana

St. Patrick’s Day Dog Bandana Shamrocks

Okay now this is what I think about when I think about doggy bandanas.   This I would allow my St Patrick’s Day Dog to wear.  If you’re looking for a nice Irish bandana go wit this one and not the one previously mentioned above…

Finally this collar full of shamrocks was to our liking as well:

  • St. Patrick’s Day Dog Collar

St Patricks Day Dog Collar

St Patrick’s Day Dog Collar

We really liked the St. Patrick’s Day Dog Collar, but we also have a friend who makes and sells her own collars with beautiful designs.  Maybe we’ll have a chance to post some of her work sometime in the near future.

Since it’s a little too late to order from Amazon maybe we need to make a quick trip over to Target and get Dublin something green before we celebrate St Patty’s day with our friends.

Do you do anything special with your dog on Saint Patrick’s Day?  Let us know in the comment section below.

This post contains some affiliate links.  If you happen to click on the link and purchase a product from Amazon we earn a tiny commission which helps us cover the hosting costs on this website.

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