Things Adult Drivers Prohibit In Their Vehicle – Pets #3!

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While browsing the news the other day I came across this USA Today Snapshot survey of things adult drivers prohibit in their vehicles. I’m sure off the top of your head you can think of most of the responses in the survey and it doesn’t surprise me that Pets are #3 on this list.

I recall not long ago (actually when I was in high school) I was not a big fan of dogs as a regular passenger in the car. The main reason had to do with the fact that I had one friend who’s parent’s two Golden Retrievers went everywhere in their station wagon. Even in high school I loved dogs, but the problem had to do with the fact that the owners never cleaned their car. I guess you could say that the seat covers were Golden Shag…there was that much fur on the seats, floorboards…you get the picture.

Fast forward to today…while I keep my car fairly clean and try to keep the fur to a minimum I’m quite sure that their are still plenty of people (just a guess, but approximately 32%) that are put off by doggie odors and fur in my vehicle.

Pets Are #3 – Things Adult Drivers Say They Prohibit In Their Vehicle

Overall the stats look pretty normal to me. Smokers outnumber their nearest competitor by almost double. Here’s the list in text format just in case you can’t view the image

  1. Smoking – 65%’
  2. Wet Clothes 35%
  3. Pets – 32%
  4. Dirty Shoes – 25%
  5. Eating/drinking – 21%
  6. None of these – 19%

Most vehicles are not made to accommodate Pets, Wet clothes, Dirty shoes, etc. I don’t picture a brand new Mercedes Benz S-Class doing well with a wet dog, muddy shoes, or eating and drinking McDonalds in the back seat.

That is the very reason I’m looking for a great dog car that will accommodate my growing family of three dogs (two Labrador Retrievers and an Australian Shepherd mix). Odor and stain resistant seats and floor boards, roomy, and fuel economy are the main things I’d like to see in my dog car.

Let me know what you think. Do you see anything on this list that is out of the ordinary? or should we add something to this list? Are you drivingThe Perfect Dog Car?

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