Tired of Regular Dog Poop Bags? Try This Product

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Dog Poop BagsIf you’re like me then you probably buy hundreds of dog poop bags every month to pick up after your doggys.  If you’re tired of those boring old regular dog poop bags and you’re looking for an alternative to scooping poop then look no further then this innovative new dog product (maybe not so new since this video’s been floating around for about two years).

The New Improved Dog Poop Bags

I’m not sure if you’ll consider this a great new innovative product or the world’s worst dog poop gadget ever as it’s mentioned on the Daily Dachshund Dog News website.  I’ll let you decide:

Whether you consider this innovative or horrible I’m sure you got a good laugh as I did.

Here are my thoughts or I guess laughs:

  • I started laughing when I saw the dog poop bag expand like an accordion
  • I started laughing some more when I realized the doggy backpack was for holding used dog poop bags.
  • I started laughing more when I saw him attach the unused dog poop bags to the dogs butt.
  • I felt bad for the Labrador Retriever, but she didn’t seem to mind and seemed quite happy with herself.

I hope you enjoyed this little video as much as I did.  I found this video in my feed reader from the Daily Dachshund website.  When you have a chance, check out their site for some great Doxie and dog articles.

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  1. I need to buy something like this for a dog i’m taking care of. his tail along with the muscle that closes his butt had to be removed due to an accident. now he can’t contain his poop correctly and makes quite a mess. i tried with diapers but he takes them off. do you know where can i get something like this device?

    1. I’m not sure where you get this device. If your dog doesn’t like wearing his diaper you might have a similar problem with something like this product as well. I hope you find something that works for you and your dog.

  2. @Tonka and James, I felt bad for the poor dog too. I used to carry around the littler holster attached to my leash, but now I either carry bags in my pocket or tie a couple dog poop bags to my leash. The entire roll is a little bulky in the pocket sometimes. Also, I have a pretty good idea of when Derby will poop (he’s like clockwork…once after breakfast, once early afternoon, and once after dinner).

  3. Hi guys, I felt about the same way as you described Colby.

    I felt bad for the dog wearing basically a poop chastity belt.

    But then I thought at least this owner cared enough to make sure it’s picked up which appears to be more rare around here now.

    It’s not tough to carry a roll of bags in your pocket, I keep one with a band of velcro around it so were always ready for action.

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