Top 50 Dog Blogs – 41-50

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If you’ve been following us the past few months then you already know that we’ve been monitoring a list of nearly 500 dog blogs across the internet!

Welcome to Puppy In Training’s Top 50 Dog Blog List number 41-50.

In the past we’ve entered the Puppy In Training blog into top dog blog competitions where we send our readers to vote for our blog. Other times we’ve just found our names on top dog blog lists. Our top dog blog list is composed of first a statistical analysis along with our own subjective analysis of each and every one of the 500+ dog blogs that started on our list.

Our top 50 list is not all about statistics and it’s not just our  opinion, but rather a combination of the two. We rated each blog based on several statistical and subjective categories including content quantity and quality, design, Compete Rank, Alexa Rank, Google Page Rank, Facebook “Likes”, Twitter Followers, YouTube Subscribers, and Date of Birth.

Where did we find all of these blogs? We searched high and low through some of the largest directories including Yahoo, DMOZ, Technorati, BlogLog, and Blog Catalog. We also did Google searches, examined Blog Rolls on other dog blogs, and found many existing top dog blog lists throughout the net. Finally we announced here on the Puppy In Training Blog, our Facebook Page, and our Twitter account that we were compiling a list of top dog blogs and asked all of our subscribers to submit their blog and blogs they enjoy reading.

Top 50 Dog Blogs – 41-50

In case you’re wondering about the weird numbers in the boxes below each blog screen shot here are some definitions:

  • Compete Unique Visitors – an estimate of how many visitors each site receives per month.
  • Alexa Rank – ranks sites by the number of visitors and pageviews they receive.
  • Google Page Rank – is largely based upon the numer and quality of backlinks to a webpage.
  • Facebook “Likes” – the number of people who “like” the blogs accompanying Facebook Fanpage.
  • Twitter Followers – the number of people following the blogs accompanying Twitter Account.
  • D.O.B. – the date or approximate date the domain name was registered.

Unfortunately, I don’t have super awesome programming skills so these numbers are just a snapshot at the time I put together this post, but it should give you a good approximation of the current numbers.

So lets get this party started with:

TOP DOG BLOG #50 – Dog Reflections

dog reflections

What they have to say: “The Dog Guide is intended to provide concise but highly relevant information to common folks looking for a family dog.”

What we have to say: A simple blog design that is easy to follow. The blog is only a small part of the website as a whole with some great information found outside the blog including dog breeds, puppies, dog training, health, and dog pictures. We’re not too fond of most of the recent blog posts which are just doggy videos found on YouTube. However, one of the things we really like are the quality of some of the most popular posts in the right sidebar is what propelled this blog into spot number 50 of the top dog blogs. We will continue to monitor this blog and if they continue to just simply embed YouTube videos it will definitely fall out of our top 50 dog blogs.

TOP DOG BLOG #49 – For The Love Of The Dog Blog

for the love of the dog blog

What they have to say: “Passionate when it comes to my canine companions as well as dogs everywhere, it’s my mission to raise awareness of any issues that affect them, from their health, food and nutrition and training to their welfare. Canine advocacy is something that everyone who cares about dogs needs to be aware of and we all need to share that and raise our voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.”

What we have to say: Recently at this blog the post frequency is much lower than we’d like to see at our favorite dog blogs. However, once again it’s content from the past that pulls this dog blog into our top 50 list. Most of the recent content is serious including information on Patrick the abandoned dog and dog abusers. One thing that we really liked on this blog is some of the great information found in the left sidebar from info on adopting pets to animal welfare to rescue’s and shelters…there’s tons of great stuff to be found in the sidebar.  If we don’t see more content in the future this blog also runs the risk of falling our of our top 50 doggy blogs.



What they have to say: “PetMD is the largest global source of pet health information in the world today. Part of a global network of veterinary professionals, PetMD’s content was created by veterinarians for consumers and veterinarians.”

What we have to say: We love the design and content of this website. PetMD has tons of information and hosts four blogs: Fully Vetted, The Daily Vet, Purely Puppy, and Healthy Assurance. PetMD is a great resource for people looking for information on the health of their pets. I plan on following the Purely Puppy blog very closely and I’m guessing will most likely be higher on my list come this time next year.  There’s definitely a lot to see here, but two things I’d like to point out are first there’s a cool pool that I love answering in the sidebar and second who can resist the cutest puppy gallery!

TOP DOG BLOG #47 – Dog Time


What they have to say: “With DogTime, our mission is to keep dogs out of shelters and in good homes by equipping novice and experienced owners alike with all the information needed to make them, and their dogs, very happy.

What we have to say: Back to back mega-sites! is another site with tons of information and great design. The site has plenty of content and it’s easy to find with well thought out navigation. Another bonus is we love the mission statement for DogTime…it’s very similar to what we try to do here on the Puppy In Training Blog.  One interesting thing we found on this blog is a search feature based on dog breed.  Basically you can search for all blog articles about a specific breed…that goes to show you how much content they must have on this blog.

TOP DOG BLOG #46 – Dog Tipper

Dog Tipper

What they have to say: “ spans over 3,000 pages, covering dog tips, pet product reviews, dog news, celebrity canines, Dog of the Day, dog-centric festivals, dog travel, and more. We conduct weekly giveaways of interest to pet lovers. DogTipper has a special emphasis on pet adoption as well as ways to save money on pet care.”

What we have to say: has a lot of content coming at you every day. Unfortunately, for us it can be a little bit overwhelming. The design is not as neat and organized as or, but we like the more personal feel you get at  We haven’t joined yet, but one special thing we like on this blog is the pet directory…actually we’ve been working to get a directory of our own setup on the website.  As soon as we finish up with this blog series we plan on joining the DogTipper Pet Directory.

TOP DOG BLOG #45 – Pawcurious


What they have to say: “You may find if you spend some time here that this is not a particularly technical blog. That is by design. I leave that to the other pros who do it well and do it regularly. This is a place for people who love pets to talk about life, and if I get a strange urging to veer off into a discussion of vaccine protocols or elephants in Tanzania, so be it. We play fast and loose around here.”

What we have to say: Things are a bit different at the Pawcurious blog. The feeling here is very personal and as Dr. V mentions it’s meant not to be a technical blog. We love the original design and classic blog look and feel. Overall quite different from most of the blogs we read on dog training, product reviews, and upcoming events, but nice to see something a little different.  Along with interesting content the blog design definitely stands out (in a very good way) among all the blogs we reviewed.

TOP DOG BLOG #44 – The Poodle and Dog Blog

The Poodle And Dog Blog

What they have to say: “This blog is to celebrate the remarkable, the ordinary, and the very funny dogs that share our world.”

What we have to say: The design of this blog is very plain and looks like just one of the typepad default templates. In fact, the Poodle and Dog Blog is actually hosted on Typepad and is one of the few blogs to make this list that does not have it’s own domain name. However, it’s the content that we care most about and what we really enjoy about this site. A broad spectrum of articles from doggy news and we’ve even come across several articles about our favorite: guide and service dogs.  Along with all the great content there’s a plethora of helpful links in the right sidebar…we actually looked at them all to help build our top 50 dog blogs list.

TOP DOG BLOG #43 – The Days of Johann an Agility Dog

The Days of Johann An Agility Dog

What they have to say: “It all started in 2004 after my Mum adopted me. She decided to create a fun site about me and to share all the cool things I did with our buds. Mum wanted to purchase the best, safest, most fun, durable and cool dog products for me that she could find. But she had a hard time finding those type of products. That’s when began. Now my site is one of the largest and most popular online dog product portals on the Internet!”

What we have to say: One of the first dog blogs I started following way back in the early days of Linus, my first pup. It’s not a blog just about agility as Johann shares his life adventures. Johann has created quite a few Squidoo lenses to help share what he’s learned as well as dog product reviews, agility updates, pictures, and videos. It appears that Johann uses a standard blogger template and there’s a ton of informatation running down the sidebar. We’d prefer a cleaner look, but overall the information is all there and easy to find you just need to be ready to scroll down a bit.  One final thing we like that others may not is the recommended doggy products in the main content and along the sidebar.

TOP DOG BLOG #42 – Pet Sit USA

Pet Sit USA

What they have to say: “We founded PetsitUSA with this in mind; for pet guardians and the welfare of their companions. We wanted to create an easy way for people throughout the country to locate professionals who are able provide special, loving, care for their best friends.”

What we have to say: Yep! It’s mainly a pet sitting website, but the blog offers more than just pet sitting tips. There’s tons of great information including dog health tips, dog product reviews, dog news, and much, much more. We also love the great custom design of the PetSitUSA Website and blog. It’s very easy to navigate and one of the things we love is if you are looking for a pet sitter there’s a searchable database you can find on the home page.  We’ve done a lot with dogs and puppies and one thing we may consider down the line is becoming pet sitters so we have definitely bookmarked this site just in case the time comes for us to become members of petsitusa.

TOP DOG BLOG #41 – OhMiDog!


What they have to say: ohmidog! – a website that covers dog-related news and happenings in Baltimore and around the world. In the narrowest sense, this website is about the mutt — the kind of dog that has no pedigree and will win no beauty contest; the kind of dog that, more often than its purebred counterparts, ends up abandoned, neglected or in shelters; the dog that, while it doesn’t fit under neat “breed” labels, is clearly one of a kind.

What we have to say: Lots of dog and pet news, but a little thin when it comes to some of our favorites including product reviews, dog training, and upcoming events. We love some of the articles and stumbled across some great pictures here.  We also really appreciate (especially Linus) the fact that he likes to talk about the mutt and shelter dogs…very close to Linus’s heart 🙂

Final Thoughts for Top Dog Blogs 41-50

That does it for Top Dog Blogs 41-50. Some big players were there to start off our Top 50 list including mega-sites and Dog Time. We also highlighted a few smaller, more personal blogs including The Days of Johann an Agility Dog and Thoughts Fur Paws. You might wonder why the mega-sites are ranked lower then one might expect. There are two reasons:

  1. These sites are more like websites with a blog attached.
  2. We’re giving more points to the more personal blogs written by one or two people (more like what we do at the Puppy In Training Blog) rather than the mega-sites pumping out 5+ articles a day with multiple authors.

Don’t forget to visit the blog tomorrow for the Top 50 Dog Blogs – 31-40! If you want it automatically delivered to your email box then join our email subscription list or if you’re more technically advanced subscribe to our RSS Feed.

Thanks for joining us and we’ll see you tomorrow!

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