What Do You Guys Think…Does Puppy = Mischief?

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Do you remember way back when you first brought home your puppy?  It starts off with pure joy and happiness!  Puppy pickup day is one of my favorite days as a guide dog puppy raiser.  However, things  slowly start to change as you bring home your new puppy.

It’s been a while since I brought home a new puppy and after a couple days with Toby, an 8 week old guide dog puppy in training I figured out the following math equation: Puppy = Mischief

Puppy = Mischief

It usually starts with a little accident in the house…that’s okay no biggie we’ll have our puppy potty trained in no time.

Next comes the mouthy behavior and you realize your puppy has little vampire teeth…OUCH!!!

A few moments later he’s chewing on your favorite pair of shoes… 🙁

Then he jumps on your favorite dress with muddy paws…ICK!!!

Finally, it’s night time…YAY, time to get some sleep…NOPE!  Your puppy decides he’s going to cry, bark, howl, yelp, scream all night and you end up with only a couple hours of sleep.

Puppy Mischief
Toby thought we were playing a little game when putting on his new dog costume

If you haven’t raised a puppy recently then you may have forgotten some of these things.  Since I brought home Toby I’ve been lucky enough not to have experienced all of these joys of puppy raising however, it did bring back some special memories including Stetson screaming in his crate, Linus chewing my sister’s shoes (glad you got hers and not mine), and Dublin’s mouthy behavior…oh and I can’t forget Derby’s unmatched exuberance for life (he was a high energy pup).

Don’t get me wrong I love puppy raising, but thank god our pups are so cute because those first few days/weeks can be brutal.

The Puppy Pass

When You Dog Jumps Teach The "Off" Command
Stetson gave Toby the “puppy pass”

Even Linus and Stetson are none to pleased with puppy mischief.  I think they forget that they used to be annoying little puppies too.  I seem to recall Stetson buzzing around Linus like a gnat.  Toby was lucky because Stetson gave him a puppy pass and pretty much let him do whatever he pleased from chewing his ears to jumping on his back to biting his tail.  Linus on the other hand wasn’t as forgiving and put Toby in his place every time he got out of order…Good boy Linus!

We had Toby for 2 weeks and a couple days ago we brought him back to the school so he could go home with a new puppy raiser.  He and his new family were happy, but I’m sure he’ll cause at least a little bit of mischief in his new home.

So, what kind of mischief has your puppy caused in your household?  Do you agree: Puppy = Mischief?

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  1. It’s been so long since I had a puppy in the house. I miss puppy mischief. Chester was a puppy 10 years ago but we adopted Gretel at 1. I want a puppy again for sure! Then will come the dilemma – breeder or rescue. It’s hard to get a baby puppy Dachshund at a rescue. I will keep my eye out though 🙂

    1. You miss puppy mischief!? It’s more fun to play with the pups then leave them with their owners. Hopefully you can find a Dachshund puppy at the rescue. One of my good friends brought home a Doxie mix not too long ago.

  2. Oh, I agree one thousand times! Kuster is always into something, and while you’re straightening up that disaster, he’s finding something else to get into! Everyone said we were crazy to put up a Christmas tree last year after we brought him home at Thanksgiving, but he was too little to topple a tree then. This year, well, I’m a little worried about what we’ll do! We’re working hard on being a calm puppy when out of the crate, but man, it’s slow going!

    1. We’re puppy sitting a 7 month old who has energy to spare! He makes me laugh when he jumps up like a bronco kicking out his hind legs.

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