Who Would My Dog Vote For: Obama or McCain?

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Happy Election Day! With all the hoopla surrounding the election today I decided to get a political post up on the puppy in training site and try and find out who my dogs would vote for.

I’m not a very political person and while I do keep my ears open to the election, candidates, and coming propositions for the most part I try not to get into those heated political debates. However, my dogs on the other hand may argue otherwise. After doing a little online research I came across some striking differences between Senator Obama, Senataor McCain, and their pet ownership.

Senator Barrack Obama Has No Dogs Or Any Pets

After researching with Google I found out that the Obama’s don’t have any pets! This could be disastrous for the candidate if they were trying to pull the pet lover vote (looks like they obviously are not). However, possibly to try and sway the dog/pet lover vote Obama win-or-lose has promised his two daughters a dog after the election.

Following the report the AKC launched a poll to choose a breed of dog for the Obama’s. From the AKC website:

The Poodle clinched the nomination after the breed battled it out with the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier in a race almost as tight as Clinton and Obama’s run for the Democratic nomination for president. The Poodle won by a (dog) hair, with just a few hundred votes separating the top two contenders.

Might I suggest adopting any breed of dog mixed or pure-bred from one of the many impacted shelters across the nation as we talked about in Tough Times For Cat And Dog Adoptions.

Is the promise of a dog after the election enough to sway the pet lovers vote…

Senator John McCain Owns A Whopping 24 Pets

After reading about McCain’s stable of 24 pets I’d have to say that he’s on the complete opposite side of the spectrum compared to Senator Obama’s pet ownership policy. A report from the Times Online website:

He (McCain) has four dogs, including Lucy and Desi, named after the black-and-white television sitcom I Love Lucy, which rather dates the 71-year-old candidate. He also has a cat, a parakeet and a shoal of fish, including one called Lucky, and once owned a ferret and an iguana named Henry, who turned out to be Henrietta and laid an egg.

Okay, now we may be going a little over board with 24 pets. Being the dog lover that I am I dug a little deeper to find out exactly what breeds of dogs live in the McCain household. From WikiAnswers:

  1. An English Springer Spaniel named Sam
  2. A Yorkshire Terrier named Lucy
  3. A Yorkshire Terrier named Desi
  4. A Mixed breed named Coco

Linus, Stetson, and Derby’s Choice For President Is…

My dogs liked this bit from the Times Online on the importance of a dog in the White House:

A dog is an essential tool of government. There is nothing like a furry friend to feature in a distracting publicity photo during a domestic or international crisis and to provide private consolation when times are hard.

As my dogs pointed out to me their choice for President was clear. John McCain is the pet lovers choice in this election. While the number of pets a candidate has seems like a very insignificant and silly way to choose a candidate…if you’re on the fence on which candidate is the correct choice then this may be the one reason that pushes your vote in one direction or the other.

What do you think? Did you vote today?

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  1. @Colleen, I’m pretty competitive, but it’s going to be very difficult competing with the larger blogs. That being said just like you getting a little bit of exposure will make me happy. I’ll make sure I avoid playing you in Risk…could be a heated battle 🙂

    I’m sure Luna is much better behaved then you say. She’s a gorgeous dog and reminds me a little of my dog Linus.

    You have a good weekend too!

  2. That’s totally how I feel too. It’s a challenge going against bigger sites, but I’m mostly in this just to gain a little exposure. I’m not really a super competitive person by nature. Like I wouldn’t NOT subscribe to a site for competition’s sake. (totally subscribed to yours, too!) I’m more of a “go with the flow” kind of girl….unless I’m playing Risk. Then I get a little crazy.

    Your pups are super cute, too. And they look like they’re better behaved than my terror of a dog, Luna. Seriously, I’ve had two trainers shake their heads and say there was little to no hope for her. ::sigh:: oh well. She’s mine for better or for worse (kind of like a marriage of sorts).

    Have a good weekend…

  3. I’m delighted to hear about the McCain’s large number of pet ownership and I’m glad to hear that one of the dogs is a mixed breed. I think the mixed breeds are usually healthier….our last 2 dogs are mixed and one lived about 21 years.

    My cats vote for McCain!

  4. @Colleen, good luck to you too in the contest. I agree it’s going to be very difficult to compete against the bigger blogs. The larger RSS feeds and higher traffic numbers make it easier to quickly increase statistics.

    I really enjoy looking at the other blogs in the competition and I’ve been subscribing to the feeds of blogs I like. I figure it’s my small way of voting for the competition (by the way, I subscribed to your feed).

    If anything I’m getting a little more exposure and working harder on my marketing efforts. I’ve gotten several things done already that I’ve been putting off for months.

    Once again best of luck to you and thanks for checking out my site!

  5. Awww, what a great site! I have two dogs and am always interested in pet related web-zines. Best of luck in the contest! (I’m entered too, though my site is so new, I highly doubt I’ll win!)

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