Want To Adopt A Puppy? Try PetFinder.com!

Neary 8 years ago I adopted my first puppy from the Carson Animal Shelter.  It was life changing and adopting Linus had to be one of the best decisions of my life. At the time my ex-girlfriend and I were visiting many of the local breeders crooning over adorable little puppies.  We saw tiny little […]

WARNING! Adorable German Shepherd Puppy Pile Ahead!

We love puppies here at Puppy In Training and even better are puppy piles!  Years ago we fostered this litter of cute, adorable German Shepherd puppies.  We always say that they were German Shepherd mix pups, but 2 of the 7 looked like Labrador Retrievers…at the time we guessed that the litter of puppies had […]

PetSmart National Adoption Weekend! Is It Time To Adopt A Puppy?

It’s been a while now since we attended BlogPaws and worked with PetSmart on building a business blog.  Even though many months have passed since we presented our build a business blog case study at BlogPaws with PetSmart we still keep in touch with the good folks at PetSmart. PetSmart recently sent us a nice […]

Why Getting A Second Dog Is A Good Idea

Today I’m jumping into the time machine turning the clocks back to 2004 when I first picked up my rescue dog, Linus and also the first time I thought about getting a second dog. When I was a kid my mother read me Where the Red Fern Grows (affiliate link) and ever since then I always […]

The Benefits Of Owning A Pet…My Life As A Pet Parent

Shortly after I was born my parents purchased a Golden Retriever puppy and in an instant the course of my life was altered forever.  I was now a pet person for life.  However, it took over thirty years before I became a single pet parent (taking care of a pet without the help of other […]