Dog Obedience Training

We love working with our dogs on a daily basis and as guide dog puppy raisers one of the things we continue to do with our pups is dog obedience training.  Since I picked up my first guide dog puppy, Stetson almost five years ago I’ve been constantly working on dog obedience training with each and every guide dog trainee.

Don’t get me wrong, dog obedience training isn’t the only thing we work on.  Our guide dogs have to work constantly on obedience, but my two pet dogs, Linus and Stetson also get to work on K9 Nosework Training (Sniffer Training), Therapy Dog Training, Trick Training, Agility Training, and many other wonderful canine activities.

However, today we are going to discuss dog obedience training and it’s importance to our guide dog puppies.


  1. Yashvanthraa says

    Hey there, I have a Labrador pup 3 months old, he is being continuously biting and barking. I have bit trained him to the word no but he is only listening to the instructions according to his mood. I need some tips on to train him well. Pls help me in this regard.

    • says

      @Yashvanthraa, thank you for visiting our blog. It’s difficult to tell exactly what is happening without seeing your puppy. The best thing you could do is have a professional dog trainer do an in home training at your house.

      However, I have written a few articles about puppies barking on another website at Hopefully some of the information on that site helps you with your training. Most puppies I’ve worked with usually start nipping when they are playing which is not appropriate behavior. If your puppy starts doing this then just remove whatever they’re nipping at (probably your hand or arm) then replace it with something appropriate like a plush toy, pressed rawhide, or nylabone.

      Good luck with your puppy training!

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