Who Is The Cutest Puppy Ever?

Now that you’ve seen all ten of the cutest puppies ever it’s your turn to decide who actually is Puppy In Training’s Cutest Puppy Ever! Here is a short recap on my ten puppies. Click on their picture or their name to go directly to the puppy’s individual page. Scroll to the very bottom to […]

The Cutest Puppy Ever Part VIII

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone is having a great day, watching some football, eating lots of turkey, and of course checking out todays edition of the Cutest Puppy Ever! Here’s our recap of the past seven cutest puppies ever: Linus the Aussie Shepherd mix Buttercup the German Shepherd mix Blondie the Labrador Retriever Mix Sally […]

The Cutest Puppy Ever Part VII

It’s almost Thanksgiving day and today we give thanks to all those cute puppies out there. I was lucky enough today to see a new puppy joining or guide dog group. A little female black Labrador Retriever who was absolutely adorable and did I mention small…she was teeny! The Cutest Puppy Ever – Brisby Anyways […]

The Cutest Puppy Ever Part VI

Welcome back to the Cutest Puppy Ever! If you’ve been following along then you probably noticed that I’m adding links to all the articles at the bottom of the page. Here’s the quick recap: Linus – Australian Shepherd Mix Buttercup – German Shepherd Mix Blondie – Labrador Retriever Mix Sally – German Shepherd Mix Derby […]