Puppy In Training TV – Ep14 – Trains, Trams, Buses, And Puppies

It’s important for us to take our guide dog puppies in training out and about exposing them to different people as well as different situations.  Dublin and I rode the metrolink to San Clemente back in Episode 7 – Puppy Training Ride.  Today in Episode 14 we had the opportunity to once again ride the […]

Puppy In Training TV – Ep7 – Puppy Train(ing) Ride

We recently had a great outing to San Clemente with our Orange County Guide Dogs of America Puppy Raising Group.  It started at the Metrolink train station in the city of Orange, a train ride down to San Clemente, a walk on the boardwalk, lunch, and play time for our puppies.  It was a great […]