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Service Dog Puppy In Training, Archer living the dream…

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What You Can Expect From Puppy In Training Emails

In the coming weeks you will receive a series of emails to help you raise and train your puppy like a service dog puppy in training.  We, as service dog puppy raisers have 3 main objectives with our puppies in training:

  1. Teach our pups basic obedience
  2. Teach our pups good house manners
  3. Socialize our puppies

Read more about the 3 objectives (we actually list 5 in this article) of puppy raisers here.

One last thing I’d like to stress: Make sure to always be consistent, persistent, and patient when training your puppy.

Archer says: check out Puppy Training 101 for more information on how to train your puppy.

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